Arabian GOP Congressman Calls for Trump to be Impeached!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 19, 2019

I guess I can’t really blame the Arabian villager Justin Amash for wanting Donald Trump to be impeached. Donald Trump has proven himself to be a deranged warmonger, hellbent on bringing about the Evangelical Christian doomsday by starting WWIII.

I might blame the GOP for allowing Arabian goat-herders into their party, and then being surprised when they take the Arabist position. But I don’t even know about that. This whole thing is such a mess, I find myself siding with the Arabs more often than with Donald Trump. At least the Arabs are against total control of earth by the Jew parasite.

But this Arabian goatman is not calling for Trump’s impeachment because he’s a warmonger and an Israeli shill.

In fact, the Arab is siding with the Jews.

What a mess.

Even while Trump is the best friend the Jews ever had, he is also their number one enemy, who they seek to destroy every chance they get.

So no one really knows who is jewing who.

The only thing we know is that white Americans are getting jewed from every angle.