Arab Imam Caught Vandalizing His Own Mosque Fined and Expelled From France

Daily Stormer
January 26, 2014

I'm not certain which one is he.
I’m not certain which one is he.

A 47-year-old Moroccan imam who was caught vandalizing his own mosque with anti-Islamic statements has been fined 1000 Euros and expelled from France, La Republique reports.

Good on France.  About time they did something for their own people.

Regrettably, the man has been granted a permanent residency visa in Spain, and will retreat there to further his agenda of colonizing and destroying Europe, transforming it into a third-world Muslim caliphate where all White women will be given over to ravaging by the subhuman hordes.

Basically, the entire history of the Islamic faith has been rooted in raping White women.  First in Persia, then in Europe.  They fully destroyed the former with miscegenation by rape, and are well on their way to destroying the latter – only this time many of the White women are willingly laying with the beasts!

Very interesting that a Muslim would be following the established Jew practice of vandalizing his own religious building for the purposes of making like he is persecuted and establishing White guilt.