Aqua Jew Finds 900-Year-Old Crusader Sword

Now is a good time for your daily reminder that Christians used to do military incursions into Jerusalem and kill Jews and Moslems so they could possess the city of Jerusalem in the name of Christ.


An Israeli scuba diver has salvaged an ancient sword off the country’s Mediterranean coast that experts say dates back to the Crusaders.

Israel’s Antiquities Authority said Monday the man was on a weekend dive in northern Israel when he spotted a trove of ancient artifacts that included anchors, pottery and a meter-long (yard-long) sword.

The diver was about 150 meters (170 yards) off the coast in five-meter-deep (5.5-yard-deep) water when he made the discovery.

Experts say the area provided shelter for ancient ships and is home to many archaeological treasures, some dating back 4,000 years. But such discoveries can be elusive because of the constantly shifting sands.

Fearing his discovery might be buried, the diver took the sword ashore and delivered it to government experts, the authority said. The weapon is estimated to be 900 years old.

Remember: Evangelical Christianity, and protestantism as a whole, are not traditional Christianity.

The modern Christian obsession with the Jews is sick and evil. Our Christian ancestors used to slaughter Jews, now so-called “Christians” worship them as gods.

I’m not even saying that Jews should necessarily be slaughtered, but we should understand that this was the traditional Christian view, and this modern pro-Jew view is a heresy and an assault on the religion of our ancestors.

We should always remember and honor our ancestors who fought and died trying to cleanse the earth of Christ-killing Jewish blood-suckers.