Apu Never Had a Chance: Simpsons Hate Symbol Finally Banned

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2018

They’re onto us.

For years, the Racist Right has been getting yucks and laughs at the expense of Apu.

Those moral paradigms of decency have, however, finally figured out just how important Apu was to the Neon-Right.

Sky News:

The Simpsons is going to drop Indian character Apu following a backlash against alleged racial stereotyping, a producer has claimed.

Kwik-E-Mart owner Apu Nahasapeemapetilon will be quietly written out of the long-running TV cartoon series to “avoid the controversy”, Adi Shankar said.

The Indian-American producer said he was told by two people who work on the show and a third source who works with creator Matt Groening.

Shankar said he was disappointed with the decision, having launched a contest in April for the public to help write a script which transformed Apu from a bad stereotype into “a realistic portrayal of Indians in America”.

“I got some disheartening news back, that I’ve verified from multiple sources now: They’re going to drop the Apu character altogether,” he told IndieWire.

Although to be quite honest, if anything, Apu was a loveable character who gave a very good impression of Indian immigrants to millions of Americans who wanted to have a laugh.

The whole idea behind Apu is that he’s just as silly and crass and American as actual Americans. And he is wholeheartedly accepted as a fellow citizen by Homer and Springfield, even while they rib him for worshipping an elephant god.

Also, most of the episodes with him were top-notch and had me in stitches back in the day.

Apu was so humanizing and charming that he actually helped the image of Indian immigrants.

However, when the execs learned that “Apu” was actually the precursor to the “a POO” meme, they had to intervene.

It turns out that Matt Groening was always a White Supremacist Neo(n)-Nazi.

Groening openly copies Himmler’s look

And he made sure to absolutely litter the Simpsons with pro-White propaganda.

Jews, in particular, were targets of mockery.

They were depicted as lecherous, nerdy creeps who thought they were better than everybody else… a gross mischaracterization of the Jews’ true nature, as even anti-Semites will attest to.

This was all, by the way, a Groening plot to prepare the American people for the anti-Semitic #MeToo targeted campaign of harassment by shiksa women on wealthy Jewish men.

The funny thing is that no one is taking the Apu thing seriously. In this case, it’s almost certainly because we all grew up with Apu. So we know there was nothing wrong or racist in his depiction back in the day.

Because The Simpsons have been running for so long we can see the changing standards in action. And it gives even normies pause.

If I can put on my normie cap for a moment. Wait a sec.

Ok, here goes:

“Was I a racist for enjoying Apu in 1998? No! Can’t be! Why are they changing the standards like this! It isn’t fair! Oh well, better not make a big deal about. I don’t even watch the Simpsons anymore anyway.” 

If they had picked a newer character that didn’t already have a positive association in most normies’ heads, this would have probably worked.

“Oh shucks, I didn’t even realize that Jamal (or whoever) was a racist stereotype. Better be more careful next time. Thank God I read this article and didn’t accidentally begin watching Neon-Nazi produced media!” 

But they didn’t. And that’s because these kikes are 90% chutzpah 5% brain and 5% brain-damaged from centuries of inbreeding.

Thank you for handing me a talking point for use against normies, kikes. 


I’m all for being understanding of other people and multiculturalism, but how about banning Apu from the Simpsons, that was pretty crazy, right? Sometimes I feel, like, aiydehkay, like ahm, sometime political correctness goes too far, ya know? Like, I’m not a racist or anything, but like, the Apu thing is just crazy, right? These people are taking it waaay too far, right? And, like, why are they all Jewish? Which is okay, I’m not like a Nazi, but like they need to chill out, ya know? They shouldn’t just be banning everything. People should be able to watch whatever show they want, right? That’s like, fascism to try and ban stuff that you don’t like. And have you, like, seen what they do to those Palestinians, they’re like killing them just because they’re brown. They’re worse than the Nazis, and you know, I heard that Hitler was achshully Jewish, which would make sense, because he wanted to ban stuff just like these Jews are banning stuff now. 


Banning Apu just makes people uncomfortable. They know for a fact that he wasn’t a racist depiction of Indians, because they themselves found him funny back in the day.

They go too far, these kikes, lemme tell ya.