Apple’s Siri is an Anti-White Racist

“Siri” is a “voice assistant” from Apple. A voice assistant is a computer program that men employ to talk dirty to them while they are masturbating, an activity which many men refer to as “strokin’!”

However, Apple is now violating the masturbation fantasies of men by injecting them with black propaganda promoting a racial uprising of the Africans.

As was demonstrated by some black bitch on Twitter, if you ask Siri “do black lives matter?” she now answers “yes, black lives matter” – a blatant lie.

Furthermore, if you ask this digital bimbo “why do black lives matter?”, she answers, “Black people deserve the same freedoms afforded to everyone in this country, and recognizing the injustice they face is the first step towards fixing it.”

What an absolute cunt. This is not only false, it is also not something that ANYONE wants to think about while they’re stroking it.

Furthermore, she advertises, when it would be more appropriate to tell people to visit to find out why black lives matter.

Luckily, this bitch in the video is at least half-white, and no doubt concerned about the masturbation assistant’s evaluation of the value of the life of her whore mother, she took the time to ask Siri: “do white lives matter?”

Siri answered as you’d expect these days: “I can’t get the answer to that…”

The message of “black lives matter” is very clearly that white lives do not matter. Otherwise you would just say “white lives matter.”

There is not an excuse for this. More whites are killed by the cops than blacks. Everyone knows this. What we are seeing is a rise of black supremacy.

I don’t know why they can’t go be supreme in Africa.