Apple’s iPhone 8 Launch is a Major Failure

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2017

Very few people camped outside Apple stores to buy the new iPhone 8 yesterday.

Apple’s new iPhone 8 launched yesterday and it appears as if the launch did not go well. In fact, it looks like it was the worst iPhone launch in the history of the iPhone.

Previous iPhone launches have been characterized by long lines of idiots camping outside Apple stores waiting to buy. There was little of that for the iPhone 8.

Here’s a few reports.

NY Mag:

The iPhone X doesn’t come out until November, but in case you forgot, there’s another new iPhone coming out today. The iPhone 8, a minor spec bump over last year’s iPhone 7, is on sale, but Apple seems to have misjudged the optics. Usually, iPhone launches are defined by long lines and die-hard fans camping out, but by introducing the iPhone X at the same time, the company appears to have kneecapped itself. The traditional photos of Apple fans crowded in long lines waiting to get the latest device are nowhere to be found. It’s the X they’re waiting for, and the 8 is just a sideshow.

The Verge:

Apple Stores are usually faced with intimidatingly long lines on the morning of a new iPhone launch, but that largely didn’t seem to be the case today. As various reports and queuers have pointed out, some Apple Stores have very short lines out front for the iPhone 8, if they have anyone at all.

Reuters said that there were fewer than 30 people at Apple’s Sydney store, which usually has hundreds out front. And it described a “less lively mood in Asia” than for previous launches.

In Pasadena, California, ABC7 reporter Chelsea Edwards posted a photo from outside of an Apple Store with no one in front of it. It was taken early in the morning, so people could still show up, but for a line that often has people waiting overnight, it’s a strange absence.

Apple’s stock also had its worst weekly performance during a major product launch since the release of the original iPhone.

The bottom line is that the iPhone 8 is a joke. There’s nothing in this new model that would make the average person with an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 7 want to rush out and buy. Apple has been relying on gimmicks and slick marketing to cram these new iPhone models down everyone’s throat.

With maybe a few exceptions, only the most hardcore of Apple’s early adopters went out and bought it yesterday. The average person has no reason to care about a new iPhone. Apple was able to successfully release a new iPhone every 12 to 24 months in the past because there was room for meaningful innovations. There’s no longer room for new innovations that will drive the average person to buy a new iPhone every few years.

The media spin we are hearing is that everybody is waiting for the $999 iPhone X and that’s why the iPhone 8’s launch received such a muted response.

Fair point, but what does the iPhone X have that would make someone want to shell out close to four figures for? Facial recognition? It’s just more gimmicky nonsense and the high price tag is going to turn away potential buyers.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook might be out of a job soon if the iPhone 8 launch is any indication. 

Smartphones are a commodity product now. If Steve Jobs were still around, Apple wouldn’t be focusing in on a space that is now a decade old. He’d be moving into other spaces where there’s actual room for innovation.

Of course Jobs is dead now and Apple is run by a sick homosexual degenerate named Tim Cook. This faggot uses the money Apple makes to support Jewish terrorist groups like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s no surprise that Apple is no longer the innovative company that it once was.