Apple Yanks White Power Music From iTunes

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2014

Skrewdriver has not existed for 20 years or so, but they were influential in the development of White power music.

Following the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Winter 2014 “Intelligence Report,” which detailed how White power bands utilized iTunes to regenerate the popularity of White power music, Apple has decided to pull White power songs from iTunes.

Heidi Beirich, the fat director of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project who may also be a Jew, exclaimed that “Apple is doing the right thing by preventing iTunes from being used as a recruitment tool for white supremacists.”

Rolling Stone:

An Apple spokesperson confirmed to Rolling Stone that music was removed. The company was not involved in the creation of SPLC’s report, but took some of the music down as a result of the publication. A SPLC spokesperson tells Rolling Stone that he compiled the list from monitoring 15 to 20 white-power websites, combing through the catalogs of defunct white-power label Resistance Records and cross-checking to see if they were hateful.

Rolling Stone has explored iTunes’ store and it appears that several, but not all, of the offending groups on SPLC’s list have been removed. (Although Skrewdriver’s records are not available, an album billed as a tribute to the band by another artist is still available.)

The SPLC investigation uncovered 54 racist bands on the service and is reporting that 30 of them have been removed.

But apparently removing White power songs from iTunes is not enough. There are other mainstream music services, like Spotify and Amazon, that still offer them—and the SPLC can’t stand it:

The primary concern about the online proliferation of hate music, especially through large distributors such as Apple, Amazon and Spotify, is outreach rather than money. Artists on Spotify, which also offers hate music, receive just over half a cent each time a song is played. The exposure itself is far more important to the radical right, because music is one of its most effective recruitment tools.

Retail giant Amazon continues to offer hate music from bands such as Skrewdriver, Max Resist and Brutal Attack, whose album “White Pride White Passion” is available for download. Skrewdriver’s “White Rider,” which features a mounted Klansman in full regalia on its cover, is also available. In the comment section, white nationalists enthusiastically praise the album and the fact that it is available on Amazon.

Some of you may not personally enjoy listening to White power music or even metal in general, but this is nevertheless not a positive story to hear.

White power music has in the past and continues to be utilized as a recruiting tool, and it moreover represents a distinct pro-White subculture. So an attack on White power music is an attack on all pro-White individuals, for we are one body united by our race, in spite of any subcultures we identify with.