Apple Stupidly Prepares to Release Three New iPhone Models in 2019

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2019

Looks like Apple is preparing to release three new iPhone models in 2019 none of which will have any significant or substantive improvements over previous iPhone models.

New reports about Apple’s plans for 2019 have started to leak in the media. Despite declining iPhone sales, it doesn’t appear as if Apple’s sexually impaired CEO Tim Cook has gotten the message. They’re apparently getting ready to launch three new iPhone models in 2019. Even mainstream news and blog sites are saying that this is a completely retarded and stupid thing to do.


Apple could be en route to replicating the same mistakes it made in 2018 which ultimately led to a 10 percent stock price plunge on January 4.

According to a report released by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to release three iPhone models in 2019. The problem is that many loyal customers of Apple are not compelled to upgrade to newer models because of the strong performance and specifications of previous models.

Apple has not officially disclosed its plans to release three new models in 2019. But, if it does pursue the development of new iPhone models, following a lackluster reception of the iPhone XS and XR, it may spell trouble for the already struggling $720 billion giant.

This week, Chinese retailers have started to sell the iPhone XR model with a 17.1 percent discount, slashing its price from $1,036 to $858, due to a lack of demand for newly released iPhone models.

While Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, attributed the company’s poor performance in the fourth quarter of 2018 to the potential tension between China and the U.S., analysts have said that the trade war and the decline of the Chinese economy had minimal impact on the sales of iPhone.

(He basically just named a random Donald Trump-related event. He could just as easily have blamed the end of the war in Syria. Maybe he will next year.)

Rather, local analysts have reported that the demand for cheaper alternatives such as Huawei that match the specifications of the iPhone has started to increase rapidly.

The magic of Apple in previous years was its ability to revolutionize design and technologies in mobile phones to manufacture next-generation smartphones. As the growth curve of the mobile phone sector plateaued, it has become challenging for mobile phone manufacturers to differentiate newer models from previous models and drive consumers.

The Daily Stormer has been way ahead of the curve on this story. We’ve written multiple articles criticizing Apple’s strategy of force feeding new iPhone models on to the general public year after year.

This writer penned a 2017 article criticizing Apple’s launch of a new iPhone with a $1,000 price tag.

Anglin has also written numerous articles criticizing Apple’s recent business practices. That includes a 2016 article rightly criticizing Apple’s iPhone 7 for having a total lack of tangible features over the iPhone 6.

It’s gotten to the point where Huawei, Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers have been able to replicate if not improve the most important features of the iPhone. There’s not a whole lot more that can be done with this technology.

One of the big rumors is that the largest of these new iPhone models will have three cameras. But LG has has already come out with a smartphone model that has five cameras. So at this point, Apple can’t even be considered the leading innovator in the space.

But even if Apple came out with an iPhone that had ten cameras, is that something the average smartphone user is going to need or want? All they’re doing now is recycling existing technology but repackaging it with slightly different aesthetics and sizes. The functional improvements being offered don’t have much if any practical purpose to the average person.

The smartphone has been a commodity product for awhile now and the only person who doesn’t seem to understand that fact is this stupid Cook faggot running Apple. He’s literally going to drive Apple into the ground by trying to sell an infinite amount of overpriced iPhones.