Apple Skips Two Numbers, Calls New Phone “iPhone X”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2017

The big day has finally arrived, and it was a bigger letdown than we possibly could have imagined.

The Verge:

Today’s iPhone launch, coming a full decade after the release of the original iPhone, will feature a device quite similar to Apple’s first ever smartphone. The newest iPhone, whose name has already leaked out as iPhone X, will be like the original in that it will be higher in price than most people are used to paying for phones, it will be constrained in availability due to the difficulty of its manufacture, and it will serve as a status symbol for its owners. Some will purchase it to signal their wealth, many will acquire it as a totem of their Apple fandom, and almost all will desire it simply by virtue of its limited availability and exclusivity.

Bullshit they will.

Odds are that the struggle to get an iPhone X will just feed into the desire for it — much as you might see with rare, limited-edition mechanical watches or special edition sports cars. Apple has spent the past few years cozying up to luxury brands like Hermès, and now it seems to be borrowing a trick from their playbook while serving its own technical goals. By releasing what is essentially the 2018 iPhone in a very early and very limited edition, the Cupertino company is getting the benefits of both experimentation and exclusivity.

Guarantee that everyone working at The Verge is selling their Apple stock as I type this.

The Verge is a known shill publication for Apple. They get paid to celebrate useless crap.

Everyone already has an iPhone that does all of the things this new iPhone is going to do.

There is no added functionality. No one is even claiming that there is added functionality. They are claiming that people will buy it as a status symbol.

Who uses a phone as a status symbol? Third worlders? Most people could theoretically buy a $1000 phone, if that is what they choose to spend their disposable income on, but buying this phone will just make you look like a dickhead who wastes money and defines his identity by a phone – not like you are rich.

People who want to look rich buy expensive race cars and designer suits. Not overpriced phones.

This is the end of Apple as we know it. It was the big test and they failed it. They did no surprise release of anything, instead they said “oh well, he’s a phone that’s exactly like the last three generations of phones, but if you buy it people will think you’re rich lol.”

I was a big smartphone guy, once upon a time, because every phone that was released had more functionality than the last and they were useful to me, as I work on computers.

This phone would not be useful to me. It does all of the same things that the phones I already have do.

Apple should be innovating and creating new useful products. That is to say, they should be doing the Internet of Things. And moving in on Elon Musk and making cars and rocket ships.

Instead, they come out with a phone that is the same as the phones they released 2 years ago but more expensive.

Steve Jobs died. They could have replaced him with a competent individual. But they couldn’t, because their image is “we don’t hire straight white men.” So they replaced him with an incompetent homo, and now they’re doomed.

I would sell your stock now. Before people begin to realize what took place today.