Apple Pledges to Give Shekels to Moslems Invading Europe

Info Stormer
September 22, 2015

Tim Cook is the homosexual CEO of Apple who supports the foreign invasion of Europe.

Apple run by the degenerate anal sex enthusiast Tim Cook has decided to give shekels to the Moslems that are invading Europe. Thanks a lot Tim you Marxist homo. It is great that we know you support the third world invasion of Europe.

I say to hell with Apple and all of their Chinese made technology products. Ask this faggot Cook why he doesn’t make their products in America. Guess he is against White Americans having manufacturing jobs.


Apple Inc is stepping up aid to the thousands of migrants that are streaming into Europe from war-torn countries, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook told employees in an internal message on Friday.

Cook wrote in a message on the company’s intranet site that the Macbook and iPhone maker will make a “substantial donation” to relief agencies supporting the migrants and will match employee donations to the cause by 2-to-1.

The Cupertino, California-based company is also offering customers the option to donate to the Red Cross through its App Store and iTunes Store.

“Apple is dedicated to advancing human rights around the world,” Cook wrote in the message, seen by Reuters. “We hope the actions we’re taking will help make the situation less desperate for some, and ease the hardship so many are enduring.”