Aussie iPhone Obsessives Line Up like Idiots for New Release

Brett Light
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2013

Is this really the most important thing people could be doing with their lives? Lining up to buy slightly updated versions of the Apple iPhone? This is the mentality of the general public when it comes to wasting time and money. Apparently these iPhones cost around $850 to $900. People are remarkably willing to empty their wallets or use Jew credit, then pay interest for the privilege!

‘Australian’ iPhone fanatics. I’m using the term ‘Australian’ rather loosely by the way.

From the Herald Sun, describing a scene in Adelaide:

At 8am, Apple Stores threw open their doors to iPhone fanatics around the nation.

The line-up at the new Rundle Mall, Adelaide, store had several hundred people.

First in the queue were students – and Apple launch veterans – David Zhu and Kenny Zhang, both of Glenunga.

They had waited 24 hours to ensure their place in the line, from 7.30am Thursday.

“We love Apple,” Mr Zhu said. “We used to be up in Sydney and we never got number one (in the queue). Normally we have to wait three days so we thought we’d check by yesterday morning and we decided to stay.”

A cheer went out when the guys finally secured their prizes – the 32GB iPhone 5S in the new white and gold option.

Had the boys been in Sydney, they would have had to contend with a queue 500-strong at the Apple store on George St.

While not as long as for last year’s iPhone 5 launch, the line-up there was already rolling around the corner at opening time.

The line began forming around midday yesterday as Apple fans camped with hoodies, rugs and bags of McDonald’s for sustenance.

Jimmy, the first person in line, said he queued to test his stamina.

Just reading about these pathetic, obsessive materialists is testing my stamina!