Apple BTFO: Chinks to Release “All-Screen” Phone Without Shitty Notch

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2018

Who’d pay a thousand dollars for this shit?

Having a phone that’s “all-screen” is actually a pretty neat idea. Smartphones have been heading in that direction for quite a while.

So it was only natural that Apple would try their hand at it.

Unfortunately, their homo CEO Tim Cook had to fag it up with some gay notch ruining the whole thing. Not only that, but they flaked on their announced feature of having a fingerprint sensor on the screen itself, replacing it with some shitty and slow face recognition system instead.

tfw you spend millions engineering something that ends up slower and less convenient than the old tech.

Embarassingly, some chink company is now coming up like “hold my beer.”


It looks like Vivo is going to push forward with its APEX FullView concept phone we saw at Mobile World Congress this year. The handset with barely-there bezels, pop-up selfie cam and in-display fingerprint sensor will apparently be unveiled June 12th in China, according to The Verge. The manufacturer teased the smartphone with a pair of commercials for its upcoming Russia World Cup sponsorship, showing off the massive screen and hidden selfie camera. An exact release date isn’t known, but that should change next month.

This is an older prototype, but you can already see the basic concepts at play.

When we played with the phone back at MWC we were wowed by its impressive screen-to-body ratio. Of course, the exciter that turns the entire screen into an earpiece had us geeked, too. The pop-up camera though felt like it took the spontaneity out of selfies, despite the fact that watching the camera pod rise from the body looking cool as hell.

So instead of having some stupid notch ruining the whole display, the phone just has a popup camera.

This is a ridiculously obvious solution.

Apple just got PUNKED here.

I mean, the selfie camera is in play, like, 1/1000th of the time you use your phone. Making your display, which is always in use, look like shit just for that minor feature is retarded.

Allegedly, Tim Cook was often too busy to make it to important meetings during the design phase of the iPhone X, and didn’t even know about the notch until he presented it in a theater named after a man whose cock he is not fit to suck.

Of course, the iPhone X also had all sorts of sensors in that notch for that face recognition thing, which is rendered redundant by having the screen itself act as a fingerprint sensor. That, of course, was the original plan, but Apple couldn’t get their shit together and make it work, and they were too greedy to just wait for the tech to be functional before releasing their overpriced vanity phone which turned out to be a financial disaster.

So now, Apple is being humiliated by the chinks, who are releasing what the iPhone x should have been – and probably for a lot less money, too.

Obviously, none of these phones are a real step up from the past couple of generations. It’s just a perfection of the current smartphone paradigm. If this chink phone is well made, it could be the “perfect” modern smartphone.

What we really need is a new type of smartphone with scientific sensors – the real Star Trek shit.

I want radiation sensors, broad spectrum EM sensors, a mass spectrometer (electronic nose), and so on. That way, our phones could do things like detect poison in food or count calories, analyse the pollution in the air, find gas leaks, do electronics diagnostics, find sources of interference…

You know, cool geek stuff.

I’m getting bored to tears with these slightly bigger screens and negligible performance improvements.

Time to get to the future already.