Appeals Court Rules That It is OK for Colleges to Discriminate Against White People

Daily Slave
July 16, 2014

Colleges can lawfully discriminate against White people in multicultural Jewmerica.

Affirmative action is simply the lowering of standards to allow people who happen to have a non-White skin color, a weird sexual preference or a minority religious belief to be admitted to schools and gain employment over more qualified White people.  It is insane that we have a Court that would rule in favor of this madness, but they probably didn’t want to be called “racist” by a bunch of Jews so that’s why they ruled this way.

How does the lowering of standards just so some ethnic minorities can feel good about themselves benefit the country?  Affirmative action is retarded and the people who support it are also retarded and in need of psychological help.

From USA Today:

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled once again in favor of the University of Texas’ affirmative action admissions policy Tuesday.

The appeals court reheard arguments in the case, which challenges the university’s admissions policy, but judges reached the same conclusion Tuesday: Affirmative action is constitutional.

Last year, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal appeals court based in New Orleans didn’t apply “strict scrutiny” when making its initial decision to uphold the University of Texas admissions policy, which allows the use of race as a factor in college admissions.

The 7-1 Supreme Court ruling came in June 2013 in the case of Abigail Fisher, a white Texas student who was not offered admission to UT-Austin in 2008. Fisher claimed the university’s affirmative action policy was the reason she was not admitted.