Appeal Denied for Twisted Black Who Murdered White Pastor and Beat His Secretary Almost to Death

Star Telegram
April 17, 2015

Judy Elliott was beaten to within an inch of her life by the dangerous feral ape.

The state’s top criminal appeals court has upheld the conviction of Steven LaWayne Nelson, sent to death row for the beating and suffocation of a young pastor during a robbery at a North Texas church four years ago.

Attorneys for the 28-year-old Nelson contended there were 15 errors at his 2012 trial in Fort Worth for the slaying of Clint Dobson, pastor at North Pointe Baptist Church in Arlington, and near fatal beating of Judy Elliott, the church secretary.

Clint Dobson was beaten and then suffocated to death by the beasts he had been forced to live among.

The appeals court Wednesday rejected arguments that evidence wasn’t sufficient to convict him of capital murder and sentence him to death, that the jury selection and jury instructions were improper and that text message evidence improperly was allowed. The court also rejected constitutional claims raised against the Texas death penalty.

Walking evil, Steven LaWayne Nelson will not be allowed to appeal.