Apology for Inaccurate Article About German Anti-Lockdown Protest

Earlier today, an article was published on the Daily Stormer that contained a video of police clearing out a left-wing protest in Berlin, and it was falsely identified as police clearing out an anti-lockdown protest.

This is the video:

In fact, the lockdown protest was peaceful, and though the police did end the protest, they did not attack anyone.

They did make some arrests, as seen in this video.

Certainly, the anti-lockdown protesters were not carrying anarchist banners.

I didn’t write the article in question. It was written by a staff member, who will not be writing here in the future. I take full responsibility for this, I should have watched the video, and I am genuinely sorry. I prize the truth above all else, and it hurts my actual soul that something untrue was published here. This is an extremely rare event here at the Daily Stormer. I feel like vomiting. At least it was only up a few hours.

We are going to try to publish some stuff in the near future from Germans who have been attending these events.

You can read some of these accounts on the Gamer Uprising BBS, for example, here.