Apelanta: White Teacher Tries to Break Up Chimpfight, Gets Pummeled by Nog Student

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2019

This school is 96% black and has a math proficiency rate of 5%.

These people are literally retarded – not to mention violent, impulsive and completely ineducable.

How could any sane white person tolerate working in such a zoo?

Crime Online:

A Georgia teacher is in the hospital after a high school student allegedly attacked him inside a classroom on Monday.

AJC reports that the incident happened at Douglass High School in Atlanta. School police are now investigating the incident after the teacher was taken to Grady hospital with minor injuries. The student, a ninth-grader, was arrested and charged with assault.

According to a statement by Atlanta Public Schools, the teacher stepped in between a fight after the ninth-grade student walked into the class to confront another student. Someone inside the classroom recorded the attack and posted it on Instagram.

Staff members entered the classroom within minutes and tackled the student to the ground.

An APS police officer arrested the ninth-grader attempted to leave him at the Fulton County Juvenile Detention Center, 11Alive reports. APS stated that the detention center would not take custody of the student, and he was subsequently released to a parent.

Both students involved in the fight will face discipline from school administration, according to an APS statement. Due to their ages, the students’ names will not be released.

Meanwhile, the teacher checked out of the hospital and is expected to be OK.