Ape-torney General Holder Demands Sick and Bizarre New Gun Restrictions for Whites

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2014

This nigga be holdin.
This nigga be holdin.

The Planet of the Apes Attorney General of America, Eric Holder, is calling for bizarre and sick new science fiction-style restrictions on guns.

The sneaky Negro is declaring, in his fashion, that those who wish to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms should be forced to wear a tracking bracelet, or that gun-manufacturers should be compelled to produce guns with biometrics which do not allow anyone but the owner to shoot the gun.

Of course, it is all for the kids.

Here he is making these demands to a House appropriations committee on behalf the the Department of Justice.

And of course, it is only White people who would be punished by these measures, as Holder’s race does not obey laws anyway.

Here, the PoA General says that people need to be brainwashed by the government to surrender their guns to the Jews.

Eric Holder must be deported to Africa immediately.