AP Announces That They Won’t Report Case Numbers Anymore Because They are Unreliable

The Associated Press just announced that they will no longer be reporting on numbers of coronavirus cases because “the numbers have become unreliable.”

I wonder when they became unreliable?

The statements coming out now appear to admit that they were never reliable, which is what I said from the beginning of the hoax.

Conservatives are saying that the media shift is to make it look like Joe Biden is really doing well in “combating the virus.” But that is stupid. If they wanted to do that, they could just stop testing. If you stop testing, there isn’t a virus anymore. That is clear from the numbers – just one of the most simple, basic facts. If no one had been told by media and governments that there was a new virus, no one would have known. That’s true even if you believe there is a new virus.

I don’t totally understand the shifts in the narrative, but it doesn’t even matter at all. They’re not going to admit the whole thing was just a giant lie. At the same time they’re doing this narrative shift, they’re locking down the economy and announcing a fourth shot coming out in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, in the Irish media

Just to be clear…

So, they’re just saying whatever.

They’re just dazzling you with gibberish.

It is all just to continue to intensify the bullshit, and continue to press this never-ending agenda.

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