AOC Responds to Mueller Clearing of Trump by Calling for Impeachment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2019

So, uh… I guess the thing is that Trump should be impeached for not being a Russian agent…?

I can probably get behind that.

If Trump had been a Russian agent, he wouldn’t be bending us over and fucking us like he is doing.

  • No Russian agent ever allowed the highest ever level of immigrants into my country.
  • No Russian agent ever tried to trick me into invading South America.
  • No Russian agent ever sent $38 billion dollars of my people’s money to the Jews.
  • No Russian agent ever plotted with Jews to send me to war against Iran.
  • No Russian agent ever used my country’s money to send his daughter on a gay sex/feminism propaganda trip to Africa to fight anti-Semitism.

At this point in American history, we are basically arguing over which foreign group should rule over us.

Most white people prefer the Jews. Some prefer Mexicans or Moslems. No one prefers the blacks… but honestly, American blacks are pretty much completely irrelevant in the scheme of things, and that might be the one thing that both right and left agree on.

For my part, if a foreign group is going to rule us, I would 6,000,000x prefer it be the Russians and/or the Chinese.



If this is the game, then I’ll play the game.

The villains from Jewish entertainment are actually the good guys.

Send in the reds.