AOC is Mad the New York Post is Mad About a Fat OnlyFans Bitch Working as a Medic

The New York Post published an article about a little fat bitch, Lauren Caitlyn Kwei, who rams herself with a dildo on OnlyFans while also working as a paramedic.

Apparently, there is some kind of rule against being a prostitute while also being a paramedic. Kwei said she “begged” the reporter not to publish her name.

In response, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended the bitch, connecting that this bitch is a slut to the communist agenda.

In fact, there would be many better scandalous headlines, to wit:

  • “Fat bitch exploits men for money”
  • “After being liberated from male oppression, middle class girls choose prostitution over profession”
  • “Men found to be jacking off to fat bitch on the internet”
  • “Fat bitch too lazy to be a real prostitute”
  • “Amidst dearth of sex, malicious fat bitch charges $10 for 16-second shower video”
  • “Dear fat sluts: if you move from the Midwest to NYC, you likely will not become famous”

There is also a whole helluva lot you could say about the fact that there is a billion hours of free high definition pornography available on the internet, much of it featuring super model level women, and yet men will pay a lot of money to some fat bitch.

This shows that men crave a connection with women.


Because they want to have families, because we are biologically driven to reproduce. The government is effectively preventing us from reproducing.

That’s what we should be talking about. But we won’t. There is no reality in which family formation doesn’t impinge on “women’s freedom,” and society has decided that nothing is more important than women being able to do whatever they want with impunity.

This roly-poly has already gotten $25,000 on GoFundMe, whining about the New York Post article. (Please note, she was using her real name online – the Post didn’t do any detective work.)

As far as her pay and the general issue of people not being able to make enough money to get by – in order to have a serious conversation about that, you’d have to be willing to talk about immigration, and about globalism more generally, and that obviously isn’t a conversation that AOC is interested in having.

Instead, she just wants to demand that white men give sacks of cash to this little fat bitch, without her even being required to get naked.

The fact is, this used to be a rich country. People used to have money. And it wasn’t a communist country. So, something has changed, and we need to focus on what has changed.