AOC is Compiling Enemies Lists for Post-Election Punishment (Camps?)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman who is possibly the single most powerful person in the Democrat Party, took to Twitter on Friday to call for a compiling of an enemies list – and her supporters are following orders.

Cortez said that the tweets of people supporting Donald Trump against this election fraud are “complicit” and that they will try to deny that in the future, so the tweets of Trump supporters should be archived.

When she was called out for calling for this list, she said “lol,” and repeated that people will be held responsible for supporting Trump.

If you’re having any confusion about what Cortez meant, you should understand that her followers have no such confusion. Liberal and apparent Jew, Michael Simon, responded to her tweet saying that they are indeed compiling an enemies list.

Simon is a part of a group putting together an enemies list called “The Trump Accountability Project” and including the names of everyone who works to help Trump.

The official website for the group,, says openly that they are planning revenge.

They say explicitly that they are planning to punish anyone who worked to elect him, and that all such people’s names will be included on their retribution list.

Here’s an archive link if you want to check out the site.

The official list shows that they are including sitting judges on it.

CIA spook Evan McMuffin backed up Cortez’s call for lists of enemies to be dealt with when Kamala Harris takes control.

If this seems scary, it probably should.

Communists have always targeted and punished people who they’ve labeled “traitors to the revolution.” There is a 100% chance that members of the left-wing of the Democrat Party will be seeking to hunt down and punish Trump supporters, should they manage to succeed with their fraud and claim the White House.

The fight for the White House is far from over, but it is worth noting right now that if we lose, Democrats are indeed planning a violent bloodbath of revenge.

This is all the more reason we have to win.

Chances are that many of us will make that list, as will our friends and family.

These people are planning to round us up and put us in camps.

This plan is easily achieved, given the situation with the coronavirus. They will have perfect cover.

This isn’t a joke – this is happening.

You need to get yourself together, and you need to fight.

Get out to the protests this weekend.