AOC Continues Victory Lap; Returns to Stephen Colbert’s Show

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2019

Guess who is back in the news! (Well, I guess she never left did she?)

I have to say.

This was hard to watch.

She talked about her nails and about how she was planning on getting fat now that she was elected by eating Ben & Jerry’s till she pops.

Stephen Colbert – who is a lover of fat women and a Feeder – handed her a tub of ice cream and said: “don’t stop now, princess.

I didn’t know that there were so many Feeder celebrities. I just thought there was the Architect himself, Pierce Brosnan. But Feeders are notoriously good at hiding their deviancy from the public.

Anyways, they chowed down and talked with their mouths full for the entire interview. It was horrific and appalling and a new low for the Left, if I’m honest.

Other than that, I thought AOC came off as very dumb and very naive and therefore even more attractive.

Listening to her recount her adventures in Washington was like hearing a teen in front of class giving a presentation on the first day of school about what she did over the summer.

“So, ahm, I went like, to the Senate floor like, and like I was like where’s Mitch McConnell, like he wasn’t there, so, ahm, I started a hashtag, yeah. ‘Hashtag where’s Mitch at, hollaaaaa!'”


The audience was enthused at first but clearly started to get worried about halfway in.

In the back of their heads, they were probably a bit shocked at how highschool-y and valley girl dumb this champion of the people sounded. But I think she proved that she is Presidential material. That is if she can just force herself to put down the Ben & Jerry’s until she’s 35.

Although, now that I think about it, that law is a bit ageist and will probably be repealed soon anyway. 

I say we just let the girl run for President in 2020 and stop the dick-teasing already. I know that there are nudes of her out there and it is a travesty on the national scale that they haven’t been leaked yet. If she runs for President, someone will fund some actual opposition research on her and then we’ll finally get those nudes.

If my prediction is correct, once they break, this will only boost AOC’s appeal with White male voters and it’ll be President AOC to you, bud.

But… and there’s a big but here… its only if she stays clear of Feeders like Stephen Colbert.

… and others like him.