AOC Attacks Palestinian Protesters, Offers to Help the Jews

I took this picture of AOC myself after I showed up outside her office and whipped out my johnson

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims to support the Palestinians – well, then why is she trying to help the Jews?

Why is she constantly tweeting out support for these Jews?

She is referencing “attacks” on Jews by so-called “Palestinian protesters” in New York.

Among other alleged “attacks,” a bagel shop was attacked.

They also claim Jew diamond merchants were attacked.

I guess these haters only attack Jewish stereotypes!

The NYPD hate crimes unit has released supposed images of Palestinians that attacked supposed Jews.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has released a statement condemning these alleged attacks.

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Caller is also crying big old crocodile tears for the poor innocent Jews allegedly attacked by mean Arabs.

The truth is, it is the Jews that are attacking the Palestinians – not just in Palestine, but also on the streets of New York!

Watch this!

It shouldn’t have taken much to put 2 and 2 together and figure that if the Jews are attacking Arabs in Palestine, they’re also attacking them in New York!

Furthermore, what is to keep a Jew from dressing up like an Arab and attacking other Jews in order to push a narrative of Jewish innocence???


Meanwhile, Jews are all over Twitter whining about what innocent victims they are!

“Oy vey, goyim! My Holocaust, goyim!”

Maybe if you didn’t want to make people hate you, you shouldn’t have killed all those innocent people and stolen their land, Jews!

Justin Trudeau – the most anti-white leader in the Western world – is demanding a stop to people questioning the Jewish mass murder of babies!

No more questions, goy!

This Jew woman from CNN is going nuts, claiming that anyone who questions Israel’s actions is filled with hatred for no reason!

Meanwhile, how do the Jews react when Marjorie Taylor Greene (for very confusing reasons) tries to defend them?

They insult her and call her an anti-Semite!

And of course, the Israeli lobbying group the Anti-Defamation League – which also lobbies to have America flooded with Moslems – is playing the victim card yet again!

“Oy vey, my diamond merchants, goyim!”

What you are witnessing right now is the total collapse of the claim that “Israel is not the same thing as the Jews.” Israel is the same thing as the Jews. Israel is the country of the Jews, and virtually all Jews support Israel. They all have de facto citizenship in Israel upon request.

Imagine trying to apply this to the Chinese. No one anywhere says that Chinese businessmen operating across the world are totally isolated and unrelated to the Chinese government.

Earlier this month, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Americans have to “be very careful” about Chinese investment, due to the threat of the Chinese government.

We also hear constantly about the threat of Chinese investment in Africa.

There is zero attempt to distinguish between ethnically Chinese businessmen and the Chinese government – by the media or by the US government! And yet, when it comes to Jews, we’re all supposed to believe that there is no relationship whatsoever between individual Jews living in other countries and the Israeli state!

For the media and government to come out and claim “it’s unfair for you to protest against Jews who don’t live in Israel” is nonsensical. “Israel = Jews” in the exact same way that “China = Chinese.”

This hair-splitting the media is trying to do cannot be sustained.

Polls consistently show that more than 90% of American Jews support Israel.

Meanwhile, only 66% of cursed evangelical heretics support Israel.

And you’ll notice that the Jews will blame support for Israel on evangelicals! They say “goyim, it was your decision to support our child killing machine!”

The nerve of these Jews!

Why do people allow Jews in their countries???

We’ve seen what they did to Palestine after the Palestinians let them in!

AOC should get kicked out of the squad for her disgusting support for the genocidal Jews!

She’s done nothing to help the Palestinians, and instead spread blood libel about anti-Semitism hoaxes!

Ilhan – show her the door!