AOC and Chuck Schumer Say They Will Impeach Trump If He Attempts to Replace Ginsburg

Remember when AOC was the outsider, and people were saying she was going to push back against the Democrat mainstream?

Extremist libertarian cartoonist Ben Garrison made a great cartoon at the time, which I will never forget.

Well, that’s over.

The uppity bitch is right out there with the top Jewish talking snake.

It’s not clear who met who halfway, but AOC and the mainstream are now united in unhinged lunacy.

Daily Mail:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have united to blast Mitch McConnell’s ‘blatant, nasty hypocrisy’ over the Supreme Court pick and to urge voters to pressure GOP senators into delaying Donald Trump’s nominee until after the election.

AOC and Schumer joined forces for a press conference Sunday night outside James Madison High School in Brooklyn, that both Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Schumer attended.

The two Democrats warned that the rights of Americans are at risk if Trump plows ahead with his plans to appoint a new justice before the election and urged people to call their Senators and demand they respect Ginsburg’s dying wish.

They said ‘all options are now on the table’ to stall Trump’s Supreme Court nomination, including pursuing the impeachment of the president and AG Bill Barr.

Ginsburg said her ‘most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed’ in the days leading up to her death Friday.

The president on Saturday urged the GOP-run Senate to consider ‘without delay’ his upcoming nomination to fill her seat.

The move comes just six weeks before the election and has sparked fierce debate, with many Democrats – as well as some Republicans – insisting the seat must not be filled until after the election.

The crux of the debate centers around the move made by Republicans back in 2016 – and led by McConnell – to block then-President Barack Obama from appointing a new justice to the court nine months before the election.

Their argument at the time was that the position should not be filled until a new president was elected by the American people – a standard set by the Republicans that the Democrats now argue the party must continue to honor.

The press conference was nuts.

They each just kept taking their masks on and off.

The sign with her dying wish was almost too much, even for me.