Anyone Defending Milo at This Point is a Traitor

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2016


Here’s your Jewish leader, Nazi goyim!

The Jewish homosexual Milo Yiannopoulos gave a speech in Houston on Monday entitled “How to Destroy the Alt-Right” (transcript). This was of course a clever clickbaity title, as Milo claims to support the Alt-Right. However, the speech itself was the launch of a blatant attempt to destroy the Alt-Right.

Previously, Milo has claimed not to be a member of the Alt-Right. However, he has continually be labeled the leader of the Alt-Right by the media, while also claiming to be fairly representing it as its spokesman.

What he did in Houston was define the movement as a classical liberal/Libertarian movement. He did this by listing off things which would “destroy” the movement.

Here is the list he gave:

1) Decide whether we want identity politics for everyone, or for no-one. There’s an Anti-Defamation League and an SPLC, but where are their equivalents for white males? No more anti-white racism in universities, the media, and politics. If racism is unacceptable, it must be unacceptable for everyone.

2) Grow a sense of humor and stop ruining young people’s lives over edgy jokes

3) An end to victimhood and grievance culture. Claiming to feel offended is not an argument and doesn’t give you special privileges. (Fuck your feelings.)

4) No more immigration, especially from Muslim countries. (This would destroy my sex life but it would also torpedo the alt-right.)

5) Stop demonising patriotism.

6) No more globalisation.

7) Purge the anime nerds!

8) Stop denying innate gender differences – not everything is a “social construct”

9) No more safe spaces or trigger warnings. Stop pretending facts are “racist” and “sexist” and let people read, write, say and do as they please

10) And end to pointless and expensive foreign wars

11) Criminalise Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a racist black supremacy group that achieves nothing for black people. Its only achievement is black neighborhoods in ruins. Huge numbers of alt-righters describe themselves as “woken up” by the lies the media told in the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases. To say nothing of the frauds and phonies who run it, one of whom, Shaun King, is a white guy pretending to be black. Creepy!

12) Build the fucking wall!

13) Railing against Pepe the Frog isn’t going to work. Destroying people isn’t going to work — it just drives more talented people to the alt-right.

This is all just basic bitch Republicanism. He also gave reasons why he is not in the Alt-Right, which included his support of Israel and his support for endless Jewish wars for Israel. What this was was an attempt to add these concepts to the narrative which he is promoting as the narrative of the Alt-Right.

Once again, he claimed that the movement is not racist (because Democrats are the real racists, goyim).

He attacked weev specifically.

The media desperately wants to define the alt-right by the worst 5 percent of its members. They take the genuinely anti-semitic racists — the stormfronters or Stormfags, the 1488ers, the Andrew Auernheimers — and use them to define the whole movement. The left is obsessed by white supremacy, which in reality makes up an infinitesimally small number of people.

This is a blatant and open attempt to define the movement in the exact terms that the Jews are comfortable with it being defined in – as a generic “conservative” movement which things social justice warriors have gone to far, but basically agrees with the basic assertions of liberalism – race doesn’t exist, we’re a proposition nation.

This removes the very most core concept of the Alt-Right, which is White identity.

And this is while he used our memes, and claimed our trolling in the name of his own movement. He started out the talk by saying “praise KEK.” He is openly claiming the work of the Stormer Troll Army targeting Jew journalists as a part of his movement, labeling it “performative racism.”

Here’s one for Hillary Clinton: you gotta stop calling half the country racists.

Establishment columnists argue that responding to racism with racism is wrong, but this is an oversimplification of what’s going on with the alt-right. Not everyone on the alt-right is Andrew Auernheimer.

Others, the millennials in particular, are simply responding to real racism with trolling, as a means to expose the double standard. When the double standard disappears, I expect this “performative racism” if you like, will too.

Performative racism doesn’t mean racism-lite. It means memes. It means jokes. It means 19 year old boys saying stuff to get a reaction.

All of the shekel-clutching about anti-semitism on the internet illustrates this perfectly.

Young people don’t see anti-semitism as any different to racism or sexism. It’s a term robbed of meaning from over-use.

I don’t believe there has been some gigantic, spontaneous outpouring of anti-semitism from 22-year olds in this country. And no one has made that case or explained why it might be. Or even tried to.

What I do see is a lot of young people trying to get a reaction. That’s the Troll Manifesto: find something that a person in power is sensitive about, rightly or wrongly, and joke about it relentlessly until they acknowledge you.

This is MY WORK he is claiming is part of some joke.



He thinks he can simply take this from us.

Were you joking when you sent gas chamber pictures to all of these journalists, Stormers? Or were you doing that because you genuinely hate Jews?

Where is the evidence for his claim that we are joking? I certainly am not joking.

And every single one of these articles by Jews compiling anti-Semitic tweets features soldiers of the Stormer Troll Army. The one tweeter cited in Hillary’s Alt-Right speech, @WhiteGenocideTM, is a Stormer, and not a “performative racist.”

Me and weev are being personally targeted by an ADL council of Jew journalists and the former assistant director of the FBI.


I wonder what interactions Milo has had with this council?

Milo Condemns Daily Stormer as Evil Racists

During the question and answer period at the Houston talk, a member of the audience asked about Fash the Nation and the Daily Stormer and our assertion that we are the real Alt-Right.

OH INTERESTING – As I’m writing this now, I went to the timestamp I had saved where Milo is asked the question, and it’s been removed from the video.


They actually appear to have gone through some effort in editing it out so there isn’t an obvious jump.

I certainly wasn’t expecting this when I was sitting here typing this article. I’m going to have to find the clip that was removed and upload it. I can’t type a transcript now, so let me summarize from memory:

Someone asked the question about FtN and DS, and he said (paraphrase) “oh well, Daily Stormer hates me, they’re not really the Alt-Right, they might have a claim to the Alt-Right name, but when I use the term I’m talking about a different group of people who are not racists or anti-Semites.”

Basically, he said that he has borrowed the term “Alt-Right” from an existing group of people and redefined it to mean another group of people – classical liberals who support Donald Trump. At the same time, of course, he is claiming our work as something to do with his new movement.

No wonder they cut that question – it shows this whole thing for the fraud that it is. Cutting it is a clear admission of guilt.

And it certainly shows you who they’re afraid of.

Milo’s Defenders are Traitors, Period

Milo has exposed himself. I don’t even need to attack him. This has become a massive joke.

That was evident from the beginning – to me, at least – but it must have been evident to everyone when he went on MSNBC and defined the movement as anti-racist.

But who I will attack – right now – is any single member of the Alt-Right supporting or defending this Jew. And people are doing it. I see it. He is out there in the open, publicly condemning the Daily Stormer and weev by name, and claiming we are fringe members of this movement.

This is a hostile takeover.

What he is attempting to do is replace us with a bunch of Libertarian Republicans, to drown us out and shout us down. None of our people are going to suddenly stop caring about race, but there will be so many new, useless people using our name to identify themselves that we will be pushed out.

They will claim Pepe, they will claim our god KEK, they will claim all of our work that we have done over the past 3 years as their own, while claiming there is no place for racism in the Alt-Right.


KEK hates the kikes. There can be no question.

We have to mobilize fully against this Jew, and we have to do it now. Anyone who says otherwise is either in on this or might as well be.

I Told You So

I attacked Milo when he first came out with his Breitbart piece saying that the Alt-Right has nothing to do with White Nationalism. I have continued to attack him since as an infiltrator and a Jewish subverter.

I was shocked at the naiveté of those claiming “no no no – we can use him to help us spread the message!”

I am once again proven right, as he is openly attempting to jettison the Alt-Right from the Alt-Right. There is no longer any excuse.

We need to organize against him.

And we need to clean our own house of the traitors who are shilling for this Jew – all of these people coming out and saying “oh no, well, we can use him instead of him using us, no need to attack him, that will make us look bad, he can make us popular – then we can negotiate with the Jews!”

Enough with tolerating this selling-out. My God. It’s shameful. I have never been so sickened in my entire life than in watching people scramble to shill as soon as they get a whiff of media attention.

What do you people think?

This isn’t about your ego and it isn’t about your career.

This is about the continued existence of the White race.

And we only get one shot at this.

From now on: you’re either with us or you’re against us.


Hail Victory.