Any Democrat Could Beat Trump by Simply Addressing Immigration

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2019

Immigration is the issue that everyone cares about.

It is the reason that Trump was elected.


The United States’ mass illegal and legal immigration policy is the “most important problem” facing the nation, Republican voters and conservatives tell pollsters.

The latest Gallup poll finds that overall immigration to the country and illegal immigration is ranked as the top “most important problem” in the U.S. according to GOP voters and conservatives. About 41 percent of Republicans said immigration is the biggest problem, as well as 35 percent of conservatives.

Among all American voters, immigration is the second most important problem in the country. Voters said “the government” is the most important problem, overall, in the U.S. Likewise, the country’s illegal and legal immigration policy is the second biggest concern for swing voters.

The poll comes as a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that GOP voters see immigration as the top problem in the country, and a Fox News poll this month found that more than three-in-seven GOP voters, a plurality, believe all immigration hurts the U.S.

For decades, mass illegal and unchecked legal immigration to the country has stagnated U.S. wages while redistributing the wealth of America’s working and middle class to higher income earners. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has found that immigration to the country shifts about $500 billion a year in wages away from America’s working and middle class to newly arrived immigrants and corporations.

Trump has proven himself completely incapable of doing anything about immigration. In fact, he’s proven himself completely incapable of doing anything about anything that doesn’t relate to Israel.

Right now, under the president we elected to deal with immigration, we have the most immigrants coming in of any time in all of American history. They will tell you “worst in the last decade,” but what they don’t tell you is that a decade ago, most of them were getting thrown back across the border. Now, none of them are getting thrown back across the border, they all are allowed to stay, and though we have no idea what the actual numbers are, we know that it is more than any point in all of American history.

Mexico just announced there are 300,000 more of these bloodsucking parasites in their country currently on the way to the border to enter “illegally.”

I don’t know why we keep calling this “illegal,” when it is sanctioned by law. In actual reality, at this point, the term “undocumented” is technically much more accurate. The courts have ruled it isn’t “illegal.”


The Mexican government is reporting that 300,000 migrants from around the globe have traveled through Mexico in the first three months of 2019 to gain entry into the United States at its southern border.

While the majority of the migrants, the Mexican government says, are from Honduras and other countries in Central America, individuals from Cuba, Africa, and southern Asia have also been identified in the migrant caravans.

And Mexico Interior Secretary Olga Sánchez Cordero notes that these migrants want to get into the United States “illegally.”

“It’s estimated that during the first three months of the year, more than 300,000 migrants have transited through Mexico to enter the United States illegally,” Sanchez Cordero says. “There’s a change in the flow of migrants who are entering our country.”

“Sánchez Cordero did not specify how the number of migrants was estimated or how it was determined that they intended to enter the U.S. illegally,” KJZZ, an Arizona public radio station, reports.

This situation is absolutely insane.

And now, even Democrats know it.

Ever Cher knows it.

Any single Democrat could win against Trump if they simply attacked him on his total and complete failure to control the border. It wouldn’t matter who they were. They could be a black, a fag, an old communist Jew – whatever. If someone just went up there and said “Trump has utterly failed in his pledge to secure the US border and we now have more people entering this country than at any time in the history of America, and I will do whatever it takes to slow this deluge,” they would win.

Even if no one believed they were actually going to do it, they would win, because we already know for an absolute fact that Trump isn’t going to do anything, so any other person saying they’re going to do something is going to be better than Trump.

Obama was better than Trump by a massive margin. Obama did child separations in order to keep these Central Americans from claiming asylum. Trump signed an executive order banning child separations.

We have had a completely open border for months now. People are just pouring across like a zombie mob.

Bernie Sanders has said he is against open borders, which means his policy is significantly different than that of Donald Trump.

Los Angeles Daily News:

Sen. Bernie Sanders was speaking at a town hall in Oskaloosa, Iowa, earlier this month when someone in the audience complained that he was an “advocate for open borders.”

Sanders denied it. “If you open the borders, my God, there’s a lot of poverty in this world, and you’re going to have people from all over the world,” he said. “And I don’t think that’s something that we can do at this point. Can’t do it.”

A lot of people might argue that “if” is not the way to frame that question. Sanders may think we can’t do it, but increasingly in the courts and in Congress it’s looking like we’ve done it.


What Bernie should have said is “we have to end the Trump Administration policy of open borders.”

And if he does say that, he wins.

And he came pretty close to saying that.

I don’t care if Bernie wants full Jewish communism in America. If anything, me and my people might get something out of that. All the people speaking out against “socialism” are simply shilling for tax cuts for the rich and corporations. If those are the two options, then just give me the socialism.

If the economy collapses – who cares? I don’t care.

Furthermore, I find it very hard to believe that Bernie would be on board with Trump’s neoconservative agenda of antagonizing Russia and trying to launch wars of aggression against Iran and Venezuela, among others.

But that is all really beside the point, because no other issue other than immigration actually matters.

Remember in 2015, when Bernie said that open borders were a Koch Brothers scheme?

Because I remember that.

And it’s a helluva lot better policy than Trump’s “we need the most people ever in history to work in factories” policy.

If Bernie Sanders makes a clear pledge to end the open borders policy of the Trump Administration, I’ll endorse him.

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