Antony Blinken Says He’s Going to Save the Gays of Afghanistan

This guy made no comments throughout the entire Afghanistan debacle.

Now he comes out and blames Trump and says he’s really worried about gay sex in Afghanistan.


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken denied accusations of a botched retreat from Afghanistan, blaming the Trump administration for any failures and saying Washington is focused on protecting LGBTQ and other vulnerable Afghans.

“Thank you for rightly putting the spotlight on concerns about the LGBTQI+ community in Afghanistan and the particular threat that they find themselves under,” Blinken told US Representative David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island) on Monday in a House hearing on the Afghan withdrawal.

“This is something that we are focused on.”

It’s not clear how Blinken intends to protect LGBTQ and other vulnerable Afghans, as the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan even before President Joe Biden’s administration could complete its exit. The administration on Monday announced $64 million in new humanitarian assistance to the country, saying the money will be routed to charities and UN agencies to avoid letting it get into the hands of the Taliban.

USAID, led by notable interventionist Samantha Power, will send the money through nongovernmental organizations to “provide life-saving support directly to Afghans facing the compounding effects of insecurity, conflict, recurring natural disasters and the Covid-19 pandemic,” according to the announcement.

Blinken implied the US has some level of leverage over the Taliban, even while acknowledging that the Islamist group has prevented some Americans and US allies from leaving the country on charter flights.

We still don’t have the name of one single “American” that is “trapped in Afghanistan.”

Note that.

We have no list of names, we do not have a single name.

But that doesn’t stop Mark Meadows from being very worried.

These Republicans are all saying this.

Not one of them has presented a single name. There is no video or audio recording of an American saying he is trapped. There are no photos. There are no leads.

I’m not aware of any other “hostage situation” ever in history where no one knew the names of the hostages, or could identify anything about them.

This is all just totally fake.

It gives Republicans something to talk about instead of talking about Joe Biden’s vax agenda.