Antisemitism: Two French Jews Goto Prison for Attempting to Blow Up Arab Journalist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2014

Jonathan Moadab, the "French" journalist these Jews tried to bomb
Jonathan Moadab, the “French” journalist these Jews tried to bomb

In a not-so-shocking act of Antisemitism by the Jew-hating French goyim, two French Jews have been sent to prison for placing a bomb under the car of an Anti-Zionist Arab journalist in 2012.

Times of Israel:

The two men, identified only by their last names, Bismuth and Benhamou, were sentenced on June 20 by a judge from the Versailles Correctional Tribunal to six months and 10 months in jail respectively, according to Agence Info Libre.

The two men, who are in their 20s, were part of a gang of four whom police arrested in 2012 on suspicion that they had placed an improvised explosive device under the car of Jonathan Moadab, a reporter for Agence Info Libre who is also an anti-Zionist activist.

According to Moadab, the four are members of the French branch of the Jewish Defense League, a movement classified as terrorist in the United States and Israel.

The remaining members of the group French authorities believe responsible for the attack are minors. Their prosecution is ongoing, Agence Info Libre reported.

France needs to be investigated by an international body of independent Jews for this indiscriminate act of discrimination against the Jew race.