Antisemitic Graffiti in France: Whatcha Doin’ Mr. Asylum Director?

Diversity Macht Frei
March 21, 2019


A retired 64-year-old, the former director of an insane asylum in Villejuif [Jew Town], has been sentenced to 30 months, with 24 suspended, for spraying antisemitic and anti-Arab graffiti on various building around Toulouse on 11 March.

Shoah: Fake History!

He also wrote “Arabes dehors!” [Arabs out!] but I haven’t been able to find a photo of that one.

I’ve read several accounts of the incident in different news sites. Almost none of them mention the fact that the perp was part of the “Jewish community”. They make it sound like he was a far-right crazy instead of someone trying to discredit the far-right.

It’s not completely clear whether he himself was a Jew. His wife is definitely a Jewess and his lawyer described him as “very well integrated into the Jewish community of Toulouse”.

“I celebrate Yom Kippur each year, I take my wife to the synagogue. I’ve got Muslim friends and I’ve met several freemasons in the course of my career: I’ve got nothing against these people…I hate the Front National!”

Source [This is the one article that gives the full facts] Via:

I suppose it’s theoretically possible that he developed a genuine animosity towards Jews while being married to one of them and being integrated into their community. After all, Wilhelm Marr, the guy who coined the term antisemitism, was married to one or more Jewesses (depending on how strictly you define the term). But his remark about hating the Front National makes me think that was just another fake hate crime designed to discredit European ethnic self-defence.