Antifas Set Police Officers on Fire in Paris

Hunter Wallace
Occidental Dissent
May 2, 2017

I’m sick and tired of the “two sides of the same coin” narrative:

“The violence broke out during May Day protests close to the Place de la Bastille, where demonstrators shouted ‘Fascists out!’

A police source said: ‘Around one hundred hooded protestors got as close as they could to police lines, and then one or two threw Molotov Cocktails.

‘One officer suffered serious burns to the face just after 3pm. He was rushed to hospital. He is in a bad way, but his condition is not life threatening.’

Another officer suffered serious hand wounds, while others were less badly hurt. …”

Antifa is a terrorist network. The Alt-Right has never done anything like this. We stand for free speech. They stand for ending free speech and free assembly. They believe in using violence and intimidation to advance their goals. We believe in persuasion. They believe in denying others their constitutional rights. We are only trying to assert our constitutional rights to speak and assemble in public places. We are defending ourselves. They are coming to our events to assault us.

Have you ever seen the Alt-Right hurl Molotov Cocktails at the police? No, you haven’t. Antifas are communists and anarchists. They aren’t just opposed to us. They reject the concept of law and order itself. In their view, police officers are “fascists” and “pigs” and equally their enemy. They do not believe in private property either. They believe they have the right to destroy your property in fits of emotional rage. These people are so rabid and violent that they beat up trash cans.

It is time to wake up. Antifas are a menace to our communities. They are the ones who are doing shit like you saw in Washington, DC, at Berkeley and today in Paris below.