Antifas Beat-Up Germans Remembering Dresden Atrocity

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2018

Every year in February, Germans from all walks of life remember the slaughter of 100,000-200,000 women, children and elderly people by the USA and Britain in the baroque city of Dresden. The city was targeted because the people in it couldn’t fight back!

At the same time, the German state’s paramilitary enforcers at Antifa also march, but to openly celebrate this atrocity while waving Israeli, British and American flags.

Here are some photographs of what Germany’s Judeo-Left loudly approve of:

Applauding this travesty is a textbook violation of Germany’s Volksverhetzung laws, but because the German state perceives German people as its enemy, the morbid degenerates are allowed to flout this law.

Furthermore, Antifa are also allowed to beat up citizens who choose to mourn.


Police in the eastern German city of Dresden say six neo-Nazis on their way home from a rally were attacked by a group of masked assailants believed to be leftist extremists.

The dpa news agency reported Monday two of the neo-Nazis were beaten so badly they needed hospital treatment.

The six neo-Nazis, aged between 27 and 35, were attacked by about 15 people on their way back to their cars after a rally of about 500 far-right extremists Saturday.

Like their Jewish bought gangster hero Winston Churchill in World War II, the cowards on the subhuman-left only attack when they can absolutely make sure its not a fair fight.

The Poli-schwein in Germany are their accomplices. While the German police are efficient in kicking down the door and arresting citizens complaining about being raped and killed by blacks and Arabs on Facebook, they turn a blind eye when Angela Merkel’s red guards get through the line to jump political dissidents.

The German state whines about Erdogan in Turkey, but how is the will of the powerful enforced any different in Deutschland? The Zionist demo-plutocrats of the European Union yodel to the world about “human rights” from the world’s tallest mountain of brazen hypocrisy!

Our enemies are monsters, psychopaths and tyrants. Treat them accordingly.