Antifa Using Advanced Battle Tactics Like Something from RimWorld

Antifa’s combat tactics are evolving and the battlefield in Minnesota is starting to look more like RimWorld.

I wonder who trained them to do this?

It couldn’t be the FBI and ATF, because Antifa think all cops are bastards.

ACAB, man. That’s their slogan and it’s really edgy and hardcore – they’re almost as rebellious as those radicals at CNN!

In other violent and radical rebelliousness news, Liz Cheney has announced that she won’t endorse Donald Trump in 2024 because he did an insurrection.

Cheney told Fox News that Joe Biden is reckless for leaving Afghanistan, and she’s got a radical feminist agenda against the Taliban. She’s fighting the power, man. Down with the Taliban!

It’s time to party, man! Let’s get rid of the Taliban!

Donald Trump? He’s the MAN, man! We gotta stand up against the man! Like Antifa! Liz Cheney just wants to party, man! We dance in our revolution! This is fun, we’re rebels man, but we care about helping brown people and creating anarchy! Taliban don’t dance, man!

It’s time to fight back against the power of Minnesota state cops and the Taliban!

RimWorld, man! We got traps, man! We’re gonna trap cops and the Taliban and then party, man! This is the revolution, man!

We need full trans rights in Afghanistan, man, so it’s time to fight the power!

All Taliban are bastards, man!

Anarchy for Afghanistan, man!