Antifa Terrorists Dragged Out of Hong Kong Legislature Before Election of Pro-Chinese Chairwoman

China is not shut down.

The entire country is fully up and running, and has been mostly throughout the entire alleged “global coronavirus crisis.”

They’re wearing masks, but they’re not doing “social distancing” (which was always a program to cause people emotional distress and never had anything to do with public health).

The riots in Hong Kong are back on, but this noise really rings hollow in a situation where the West, which was the instigator of this terrorist uprising, is now in the process of collapsing its own economy.

We have to wonder how this new world is going to take shape, given that China is chugging right along past us in terms of economic development.

Fox News:

Several pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong were dragged out of a legislative council session on Monday in a melee that broke out over a bill that would criminalize any disrespect of the Chinese national anthem, according to reports.

“If Hong Kong was a democracy, we would not need to start scuffles like this,” one of the lawmakers carried out, Eddie Chu, told the BBC. “Unfortunately we are forced into this situation. I can foresee more fights within the chamber and outside the chamber.”

The uproar began when pro-Beijing lawmaker Chan Kin-por, who was appointed by the council president last week to oversee the election of a new House committee leader, occupied the chairman’s seat and surrounded himself by more than 30 mask-clad security guards.

The House committee, which decides when controversial bills, including the Chinese national anthem bill, will be voted on, has gone without a chairperson for months. China has accused pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong of filibustering the bill to stall until council elections in September.

As pro-democracy lawmakers entered the chamber, they tried to reach the chairman’s seat but were met with force from the guards in a skirmish that lasted several minutes. At least one person was knocked to the ground, according to the BBC.

One pro-democracy lawmaker took a running start and tried to jump over the guards to reach the chairman’s bench before being pulled out of the air.

One lawmaker held a placard that read: “CCP [Chinese Communist Party] tramples HK legislature.”

Several pro-democracy lawmakers were carried out of the chamber, and, with little opposition left, pro-Beijing lawmaker Starry Lee was elected head of the house committee be a 40 to 1 vote.

This is the second time within 10 days a Legislative Council session had diverged into chaos. In a similar scenario on May 8, Lee, an incumbent, tried to seize control over the chairman’s seat by surrounding herself with security guards. Placards were thrown and pro-democracy lawmakers tried to rush the bench before being dragged out of the chamber by guards, The Guardian reported.

Also Monday, 15 high-profile figures apart of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement were met by a crowd of cheering supporters upon leaving a court hearing with the West Kowloon magistrates. The group was arrested last month for organizing several protests last year that brought the city to a standstill.

They were released on bail until expected trials in June. Five of them received a heavier charge of “incitement to knowingly take part in an unauthorized assembly.”

The group included Martin Lee QC, an 81-year-old veteran legislator and lawyer considered Hong Kong’s “father of democracy”, as well as media tycoon Jimmy Lai, activist Lee Cheuk-yan, former legal sector lawmaker, Margaret Ng, and “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung, The Guardian reported.

“What is on trial here is the human rights of Hong Kong. We are all on trial,” Leung Kwok-hung said outside the courthouse.

“The root of the disturbances in Hong Kong is the Chinese Communist party, destroying and interfering in ‘one country, two systems,’” Lee added.

China has pushed for the Legislative Council to approve a bill criminalizing disrespect of its national anthem. In 2017, China’s parliament, the National People’s Congress, extended its own law to apply to Hong Kong, but a bill must be approved by the Legislative Council’s house committee.

One problem that the West is really going to run into now if they continue to try to do this democracy bullshit all over the world by funding these terrorists is that they are way, way far beyond claiming that they represent some kind of global freedom machine.

China never did any of this insane stuff to their population. They never locked people in their houses. Even in Wuhan, they didn’t lock people in their houses, they just closed the roads into the city. Life went on largely normally inside of Wuhan. Life was always normal in the rest of China, and they just made people wear masks and told them to stay home if they were sick.

In fact, China now has the moral grounds, according to the theories of the US government, to begin funding terrorists in America to overthrow the government in the name of democracy, given that the US government has engaged in this insane program to lock everyone in their houses and collapse the economy, which is totally unprecedented throughout all of human history.

I’m not saying China should do that, I’m just saying it follows the same reasoning that the US was working with by funding these antifa lunatics in Hong Kong.

The bigger problem, however, is that the West simply isn’t going to have the money for this nonsense anymore. China is now officially the adult in the room and the man holding all the cards.