Antifa Tells Their Members to Stop Snitching

Daily Stormer
August 2, 2017

Workers of the world, rally around xe!

Of all the Jew’s useful idiots, antifa have always been the goofiest.

They’re people who fight against “police violence” while promoting Marxism, an ideology that has created the most extreme and demented police states the world has ever seen. These were nations where you could spend the rest of your days in a work camp for owning a book, or get summarily executed for wearing glasses.

They say they’re fighting for the working class, even though they’re almost entirely children from bourgeois, well-off families who’ve never done a single day of real work in their entire lives.

This is real.

They mostly come from overwhelmingly White areas, and yet call Whites who can’t afford White flight “prejudiced.”

They LARP as violent revolutionaries, even as most of them are weaklings that can barely carry a bag of potatoes.

The low levels of testosterone are no doubt the leading culprit in their belief system.

They rage against capitalism, but most of them own iPhones and drink at Starbucks.

I could go on like this, but you get the point – while not every single one of these is true for every single antifa, it is clear that most of the things these people do on a daily basis is the exact opposite of the (moronic) ideals that they claim to stand for. They’re the very lowest form of life that is still identifiably human, and a sad reminder of what happens to society when you take out natural selection.

Narrative Collapse:

ItsGoingDown, the main US umbrella website for the Antifa movement, officially endorsed a no snitching policy. They even posted a PDF flyer for supporters to distribute.

The flier says to never call the police for instances of property damage, theft, graffiti, domestic violence, suspicious behavior, urinating in public, stranded motorists, or loud noise. The website states “anytime you seek help from the police, you’re inviting them into your community and putting people who may already be vulnerable into dangerous situations.”

It’s been a while since I read Das Kapital, but I’m pretty sure I remember how Marx dedicated an entire chapter to how pissing in public is part of the class struggle.

Also, note that they say nothing about getting attacked (physically, I mean). So if an antifa gets punched in the face, he can still go and whine to the oppressors about it like a true revolutionary.

If you must file a police report for an insurance claim, you are to go to the police station. You are not to request that the police come to you. This is what people in dangerous neighborhoods do when they are afraid of their neighbors seeing them talk to police officers.

Wait, I’m confused. Aren’t police supposed to be the threat to the people living in “dangerous” (read: non-White) neighborhoods? You have to make up your mind about who’s oppressing your precious pets.

It is also noteworthy that Patreon has just “no platformed” ItsGoingDown. The fundraising site was facing heavy criticism for deleting the accounts of mainstream conservatives. While people like Lauren Southern have been kicked off the site, pro-violence far-left sites like ItsGoingDown were still using Patreon.

ItsGoingDown is blaming centrist youtube star Tim Pool for causing Patreon to deleted their account. The website is also blaming video game journalist Ian Miles Cheong and Patreon CEO Jack Conte.

Don’t worry, I’m sure Soros will just send bigger checks and bigger bags of weed to make up for it.