Antifa-Smashing Charlottesville Political Prisoner Dennis Mothersbaugh Still Inside!

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2017

Dennis Mothersbaugh is seen in this video defending himself against a crowd of Antifa aggressors after Charlottesville riot police pushed nationalists into the crowd of communists.

As you can see in the clip, a fat commie pig approached him while uttering threats and he was forced to defend himself. 

Shaun King and other Antifas – supposed “enemies” of the police – managed to hunt him down and get him extradited back to Charlottesville.

What is shocking about Dennis’ case is that he is only being charged with misdemeanors, yet the corrupt politicized court system in the town has denied him bail!

Dennis is not exactly wealthy. He had a decent job in his home town that was lost due to having to spend months locked up in a cruel and unusual way. Compare that to how the state is treating black thug Deandre Harris, who busted a guy’s head with a Maglite unprovoked and yet was allowed to walk shortly after his arrest. The Charlottesville prosecutors office recently announced that this Harris’ original felony charges will be dropped to misdemeanors because they like his anti-white politics.

Dennis isn’t asking for much, just $5,000 dollars to help him with commissary and legal fees. Everyone I’ve spoken to who knows him vouches for him, saying he has always gone above and beyond for the cause and will give you the shirt off his back. At Charlottesville there are clips of him protecting people from the numerically larger communist crowd, despite having little to not armor and protection!

After all the assmad we caused Jews by helping Tony Hovater after getting fired, I think throwing him some cash would not only help this comrade, but produce lots of more hilarious kike butt-hurt.

Bitcoin keeps rising. Go on Goy Fund Me and let’s show this hero some love.

Smashing Antifa [when you believe your life is in danger, of course] is a human right!