Antifa Safe Spacer Training Snowflakes to Attack Trump Supporters

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2017

The prospect of mentally ill men not being federally guaranteed to be able to use the women’s changing room has transformed the urban and fashionable horn-rim bespectacled elites into the very paranoid doomsday preppers they’ve spent the last five decades mocking. In response to the “rapture” (Donald Trump’s election), one chapter of “Antifa” has instructed its members to “seek firearms” and “stock up on medical supplies, emergency contraceptives, and hormones.”

For the first time since the fall of the USSR, a person espousing Leftism has benchpressed his own weight. This person, Poncho Martinez (the ginger neckbeard pictured above) has now returned to the cave to teach other cuckolds his secret at a Brooklyn Anarchist paramilitary training center called “The Base.”

Mel Magazine:

At 6-foot-2, with 217 pounds of hulking muscle, Poncho Martinez made for an imposing serf, dressed like a literal peasant — leather arm bracers over a baggy, cotton worker’s shirt — for last October’s Medieval Festival in Manhattan. He had spent the last year powerlifting, adding more than 20 pounds of muscle and transforming his frame from “doughy” to swole — a daunting physical presence that proved useful in the altercation he was about to witness.

Martinez gravitated toward powerlifting exercises — squats, deadlifts and bench presses — but the emotional and mental gains drew him in more than the physical transformation. Clinical depression had long led him to drink, but weightlifting alleviated both his condition and his desire to self-medicate. “It was like I was rewiring my nervous system,” Martinez says of lifting. “You never have a clearer sensation of willpower than when you’re on your last rep of your last set of heavy squats. Will I give up and be crushed by this weight on my back? Or will I tap into a heretofore unused reservoir of willpower and try harder?” At his best, he could squat 335 pounds, bench 200 and deadlift 280.

Benchpressing 200 pounds at 6’2 and 217 lbs is hardly impressive, and definitely isn’t the “hulking muscle” his Twitter bio describes. I weigh less than 160 lbs at the moment and am only six months into my training routine and already benchpress, squat, and deadlift more than this guy “at his best.”

But I suppose the bar is low for the type of person who thinks “cultural appropriation” is in the top five on the list of social problems.

His progress came to an abrupt halt after the election. “The election was despair-inducing,” says Martinez, a self-described socialist who had been energized by Bernie Sanders’ primary campaign. He spent the next two months “drinking like a monster” instead of working out, losing much of the strength and mental stability he had gained since 2015.

“Then I said, ‘Nope. Time to have hope again and stop wallowing in the state of the world,’” Martinez says. “Trump’s election made it clear that the Democrats are incompetent — that their power machinations are useless when confronted with a different fighting style, and that regular people need to get involved with politics on an individual level and on a daily basis.”

train to be strong enough to beat up a nazi, then use your new strength and discipline to endure boring repetitive daily activism shit.— @PREMIUMPONCHO

A couple “scrawny” guys responded, and soon they were training one-on-one at Richie’s, a spartan bodybuilding gym in Brooklyn, where a day pass costs $5. Martinez taught them the basics of powerlifting and gave them a three-days-per-week workout regimen, with instructions to record their lifts so he could monitor their progress.

He recruited other trainees at The Base, a self-proclaimed “anarchist political center” in Brooklyn, that regularly holds self-defense classes.
“A lot of them come in like the kid I saw in the train — small people, queer people, people of color — people legitimately more worried for their safety than before Trump was elected, and they don’t want to get their asses kicked if it comes to that,” Martinez says. About 100 people have requested a training session, Martinez says, and 30 have actually followed through.

There’s also a symbolic benefit to Martinez’s activism, Roa says. Liberal men are regarded by the right as emotionally and physically feeble “cucks,” whereas the ideal conservative man is “the burly guy who can lift a truck.” Powerlifting actively defies that stereotype, and projects a message that the left will not back down — ideologically or physically.

Poor Poncho is suffering from a high degree of cognitive dissonance here. His subconscious is fighting to climb out of the pigeonhole people who think like him are in, but doesn’t realize that it is his own cuckrades that have made it so you can’t be both a man and a leftist.

The reason liberal men are perceived as emasculated cucks is because Jews articulate their movement, which in turn cements the treatment of biological sex and manhood as a pathology. The only role men in this political culture are allowed to fulfill is to get in the back of the Progressive Stack and store their balls in their wife’s purse. The only exception to this rule is black men, who the Left celebrates as great liberators when they behave like savage animals and loot the weave store.

In other words, Poncho’s macho facade will eventually get him into trouble for “toxic, racist, privileged masculinity” among the fat Jewish lesbians that call all the shots in the New York City anarchist underground.

Leftists can’t win a fair fight against “Nazis” or even the average Trump supporter under 40. In fact, last summer’s Battle of Sacramento shows that Antifas can’t even win an unfair fight against actual Nazis (different than the mainstream “conservatives” they label “fascist” who they might be able to bully).

Even if one of these anarchist or Marxist grad-students one day manages to break 300 on their deadlift, they’ll still die gigantic pussies.