Antifa Rioter on Guy He’s Rioting for: “I’m Not Gonna Lie, I Forgot His Name”


I’m pretty tired of “silly Antifa stuff.”

But this one was good.

An Antifa rioter was being interviewed by Antifa news outlet Unicorn Riot, and he said of the person he was rioting for: “I’m not gonna lie, I forgot his name.” He was told his name by the interviewer, then told the viewers to remember his name, and that it was time to riot for him like they rioted for George Floyd.

This happened in Minneapolis, where riots for watsisface are now ongoing.

We had expected riots to get bigger sooner across America as we roll into summer. But they are popping off in various places now, and these rioters are just waiting around for the media to start really stoking it, and calling for an intensification.