Antifa Releases Riot Guides – Win or Lose

This is for sure going to be a total mess.


As US citizens batten down the hatches in preparation for protests, riots and general mayhem on the streets after Tuesday’s presidential election, one Antifa-affiliated group is publishing riot strategy guides on Twitter.

The self-proclaimed “decentralized anarchist collective” CrimethInc has shared a slew of instructionals covering everything from rioter fashionadvice, to first aid for protesters, including how to manage common injuries from police weapons and even how best to treat gunshot wounds.

Within the thread are specific posts relating to helmets, gas masks, goggles, how best to deploy leaf blowers and laser pointers, as well as best practices for brandishing shields and umbrellas in the face of tear gas and on-lethal police munitions.

CrimethInc even provided a handy protest simulator for would-be anarchists to test their mettle against the authorities in a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ game.

Of course, the CrimethInc account was quick to add a caveat for the audience, hoping for an anarchist utopia to spring up overnight and preclude the need for any post-election street violence in the extremely unlikely event that both the Democrats and Republicans suddenly decide to scrap the whole thing.

“We hope none of this will be necessary—we hope Trump will concede the election, Biden and all the other politicians will resign, and we’ll suddenly find ourselves in a world without capitalism, white supremacy, or the state,” the post reads, before alluding to the “long fight ahead.”

Many derided the would-be revolutionaries, comparing them to children, while some complained they were exacerbating the social problems in the US, while others expressed dismay at how bad the situation has become. Many just laughed at the impending chaos.

Here’s the thing:

If Trump wins, he will do something to stem the riots.

But if Biden wins, they won’t riot as hard.

So basically, you’re going to have major riots either way.

If you didn’t follow my advice and you’re still living in the city, I would probably go out today, if you haven’t already, and buy some canned goods and dry goods. Because it’s very likely that this will be bad enough that you won’t be able to leave your house for weeks.

Also – Big Reminder

Don’t engage these people.

Nothing good can ever come of it.

Side Note

Jack Posobiec made a video about Antifa (because it’s a really important issue, I’m sure, and Posobiec is all over the important issues), and it’s been banned from both YouTube and Vimeo.