Antifa Menace the Private Home of Postmaster General, Demand Vote-by-Mail

This is the new thing that the media is pretending is normal: violent lunatics appear at the homes of political figures they don’t like and basically threaten to kill their families.

It’s normal, goyim.

This has always happened like this.


A group of protesters gathered Saturday morning outside the Kalorama home of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, loudly condemning him as delays and funding shortfalls threaten November’s mail-in ballot initiatives.

Videos shared on social media show protesters making noise with horns, bells, and clanging pots and pans, and shouting “stand up, fight back” among other chants.  The demonstration was organized by the local advocacy group ShutDownDC.

Protesters shoved fake ballots in the doors of DeJoy’s apartment building at one point, and chalked messages like “We say no to voter suppression!” and “Vets are missing medications” on the street outside the apartment building.

ShutdownDC said it organized the “early morning noise demonstration to give him a much needed wakeup call.” The protest follows DeJoy’s recent cuts to the Postal Service — including a ban preventing employees from working overtime and making extra trips — that have resulted in delays and backlogs in mail delivery. The Postal Service has also recently decommissioned sorting machines.

DeJoy, a major donor to President Trump and other Republicans, said many of these actions were needed because the service is facing an $11 billion shortfall.

But election officials and lawmakers from both parties have expressed concerns that the Trump administration is purposely thwarting attempts by states to widen voting by mail during the pandemic. Trump acknowledged as much on Thursday, saying that the Postal Service would not be able to handle all of the absentee ballots without a large infusion of funds, which he opposes.

Trump said he would not approve the new COVID-19 release package if it included a $25 billion grant for the USPS. The president later walked back that statement this past Thursday.

The Postal Service recently sent letters to 46 states and the District that their mail-in ballots may not arrive in time to be counted for the November election. Maryland and Virginia were among the 40 states warned that the service didn’t have the capacity to meet current deadlines for counting ballots. D.C. was among those warned that a more narrow set of voters could be disenfranchised.

If they’re not planning to commit fraud, then why are they so obsessed with mail-in voting?

Does anyone on earth think it is possible to set up a mail-in election in 80 days?

No one thinks that.

Democrats and their vicious mob of lunatics are attempting to create a shitshow. No one will believe the results of a mail-in election. Even if they’re correct, no one will believe it.

These faggots can do their gay masks at a normal election. They can go to the polls and stand six feet apart and wear their faggot masks. That is not difficult.

They are attempting to do election fraud, and now they’re out there literally threatening the life of the Postmaster General to try and bully him into going along with their plans.