Antifa is Not a Real Thing. It is a Front for the Feds and for the Ruling Elite.

Antifa are not a real thing. They are nothing more than hired mercenaries of the ruling elite, who operate with impunity with the blessing of Democrat city and state governments and William Barr’s Justice Department.

They are drug addicts, sexual degenerates and mental patients who are lured into a violent, utopianist ideological cult, presumably by offers of free drugs and cash.

They are never going to be investigated, of course. But we’ve seen the US Government pay cash to rioters in many other places.

If they’re not getting paid, then they literally have IQs lower than Somalians.

This is the ten point plan of a group of Antifa that just attacked New York, the “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.”

There will be no power dynamics, no borders, no property ownership. Just try to imagine someone taking this seriously.

All mammals have hierarchical power structures and claim and defend territory.

Obviously, if someone destroyed the government, some other body of people would just seize power, using an organized hierarchy. Atomized unique individuals who do not believe in power relations cannot stand against an organized body of men intent on establishing order.

This gibberish is so goofy, it’s difficult to process the fact that an adult could believe it.

Of course, the adults that do believe it are just a bunch of drug-addicted morons.

That is to say, this “anarchy” movement isn’t even a real thing. This isn’t a valid ideology that real people are fighting for in real life. It’s a cut and paste “I hate my daddy” manifesto that is sold to the lowest filth in society, so they can be used to push the agenda of an elite class that absolutely believes in power dynamics and property ownership.

Of course, the ultra-rich who fund these Antifa believe that they should have all the power and own all of the property. So they use these drug addicts to fight their enemy, which is normal people.

Never in history has there been a revolution against normal people. This is the very first. The Bolsheviks were the closest, but they at least killed rich people. Antifa only goes after middle class normal people.

What you basically have is this:

  • The ruling elite (Jews) want to create a state of unending chaos as a way to engineer society
  • Jews organize a network of Antifa groups, luring in young people with shitty music and art, a totally manufactured and childish subculture
  • Drug addicts are either paid in money or drugs, or lured in with the promise of excitement
  • They are fed a gibberish ideology not so much for their own selves, but for public consumption (i.e., when someone asks why these people are rioting and burning everything, the public can be referred to their ideological nonsense)
  • Democrat politicians and federal law enforcement are told not to stop them from rioting and not to press charges against them

What we need to remember is that these people don’t matter. The blacks don’t matter. The right-wing groups who go out and fight Antifa in the streets are just morons. They have no idea what the hell is going on. They are barely more intelligent than the plebs who think they’re going to form a utopia where no one has power over anyone else, and they are also led by the FBI.

Fighting against Antifa or the blacks is like being in a gunfight and talking about how you have to stop the bullets. You need to stop the bullets, it’s taken for granted that you need to stop the bullets, but the way you stop the bullets is by stopping the people who are shooting the bullets.

The fact of reality is that the Justice Department wants these people out of the street, or they would have them all arrested as a terrorist conspiracy. The Justice Department is enabling all of this because the Justice Department is controlled by the elite private interests who want to menace and ultimately abolish the middle class of America, in order to establish a society where the only classes that exist are a tiny elite minority of Jews and a mass of mixed race brown sludge.

Antifa are the definition of a distraction.

Furthermore, if you attempt to stop Antifa and implement order on the streets, the Justice Department will destroy you.

Right now in Portland, they are allowing right-wing groups to go out on the street and fight Antifa. The Proud Boys are involved in it, as are the Patriot Prayer people. I’ve written about Patriot Prayer and their leader Joey Gibson, a sleazy tattooed brown person who I believe is a fed.

Proud Boys is likely also controlled by feds. The group, you will remember, was previously led by Gavin McInnes. McInnes ostensibly stepped down because he was afraid of being RICO’d. But the group never was RICO’d. I think that it’s most likely that the feds didn’t want to work with McInnes because they thought he was unstable, or he didn’t want to work with them, and he was forced to step down so the group could be run by feds. This is how the process usually works – a group is started, it gets popular, then the feds take it over. Sometimes they force the leader out.

What I think is going on in Portland is that they are letting the right-wingers operate on the streets with impunity for the time-being as they build files on all of them, then there will be a big move by the Justice Department to arrest them all.

In June, Attorney General William Barr put together a “task force” to entrap “anti-government extremists.” The term “anti-government” in this context means “anti-Democrat and pro-Trump.” When he announced the project, he made it sound like he was going to arrest Antifa, but thus far, that hasn’t happened.

Last week, it was announced by the Justice Department that the FBI had caught some of the Boogaloo Boys who they’d entrapped for trying to fund Hamas. The Boogaloo are a recently-manufactured anti-Antifa group that brings guns to Black Lives Matter protests. They also talk about overthrowing the government. They are anti-racist and pro-BLM, but also against rioting, and so they threaten Antifa with guns… it’s not really clear what their purpose is at all, it’s literally a nonsense type situation.

Obviously, these Boogaloos didn’t understand what was going on – they were entrapped by the FBI and the FBI admitted to entrapping them. They were probably never told that Hamas was an Islamic group. I believe that, honestly. The FBI sent in an informant to meet them, and he seemed like a cool guy, and was like, “yeah, I believe the same as you guys! Can you help me out? I’ve got this patriotic group called ‘Hamas’ that is fighting for freedom! Help me out, guys! I’m your friend!”

This is what they always do with these entrapment situations. They just prey on stupid people.

Boogaloo is basically a fishing net for these types. It was totally manufactured. Their ideology makes basically as much sense as Antifa’s ideology. They just popped up out of nowhere in late 2019, just in time for all of this chaos. Someone was spamming 4chan and other places with memes about killing cops, just all of a sudden. I first noticed the word “boogaloo” being used by known neo-Nazi feds on Twitter. It was total astroturf. All of these people posted these horrible memes about killing cops on their social media, now when they get arrested, these memes can be shown in court. Clever, huh? These feds are so darn clever.

Let’s Just Think This Through

A Proud Boy fighting Antifa in the streets of Portland was run over with a truck over the weekend and got brain damage.

What was this individual trying to accomplish?

If the Proud Boys or the Boogaloos or Patriot Prayer or whoever wins a fight against Antifa, what exactly has been accomplished? The riots will still continue. There will always be more of these people. If you wanted to stop them, you would have to open an investigation, and if there was ever going to be an investigation opened, it would have happened already. Short of opening an investigation, the FBI could simply start arresting these people, but they won’t do that.

Further: Trump sent in the literal Border Patrol to fight Antifa in the streets, but the Justice Department refused to press charges against any of them, so they could only be detained for a couple hours and had to be let go without charge.

There is nothing that anyone can potentially gain by fighting Antifa or black people on the streets. Zero, zip, zilch and nada.

Even if you win the fight, and triumph in the streets, you get swooped by the FBI.

Antifa are de facto FBI agents. If you try to stop Antifa from burning down cities, you will be treated as if you attacked an FBI officer.

This all feels like deja vu. After Charlottesville, I poured so much energy into explaining to White Nationalists why it was idiotic to fight Antifa in the street, explained that all of these neo-Nazi groups encouraging it were either feds or total morons. Eventually, that kind of sunk in. Or maybe people just gave up when the leader of the “let’s fight Antifa in the streets, guys” group got caught having sex with his mother-in-law and beating up his father-in-law.

By the way, the guy who was leading a neo-Nazi group telling people to fight Antifa in the streets quit neo-Nazism and joined Antifa. Which, I mean… you can go ahead and figure that one out yourself.

Now, I’m trying to explain this same thing to a whole new group of people who want to go out in the streets and fight Antifa because of what is happening in the country with this revolution. The reasons why it is stupid are still the same.

It’s just that now, I can’t speak directly to anyone who I would like to be speaking directly to, because of the massive censorship. Think of it: I’m a person who is literally speaking out against violence, while the feds are encouraging it. I was silenced, prevented from being able to spread my message of love, because I… made fun of a fat woman.

Here’s the bottom line: 

People need to stop looking at Antifa like it is an independent, real entity with a real and independent agenda, and view it as what it is: a mob of mercenaries, with the blessing of the federal government, working on behalf of the ruling elite to destroy normal people.

If there was any kind of legitimate leadership at all on the right-wing, the agenda would be to organize and protest the Department of Justice, to demand that they open an investigation into Antifa. That would force them to take off the mask and admit that they have no desire to stop any of this.

But that won’t happen, because the right-wing is run by incompetent morons and feds.


Andy Ngo regularly posts the mugshots of Antifa arrested in Portland (the cops arrest them, take their picture, then release them).

They are some of the freakiest, dysgenic people you’ve ever seen.

They are usually white, sometimes mixed-race. Rarely black.

But there is something more than drugs wrong with them.

You can’t really ever find a person with normal-looking facial features among them.

These are the people we are told are running a complex national network of cells, who engage in sustained action against the police.

We’re also told that they have a well-developed ideology, and a plan to implement a new society.

Is this believable?