Antifa Fags Up and Arms Up! Neo-Nazis are Shaking in Their New Balances!

Daily Stormer
May 11, 2017

That’s right, despite the tidal wave of fascist neo-nazis rolling out in the streets at every chance to stomp the drug-addled queers and stupid  bitches that comprise the bulk of antifa membership, the leaders say there are not enough stupid bitches running the show and leading the charges, and the top solution is for the males in the organization to wear women’s clothes and become ever more faggoty.

I endorse.

Antifa is too stupid to see that this sea change is permanent. The only reason they ever felt confident operating in the USA was because no one knew they existed, and the MSM aided them in that by never reporting on them.

Now the cat is out of the bag, and on any given weekend or holiday, red-blooded nationalists turn out in force, delighted at the prospect that antifa may attack, so that they can defend themselves by stomping some commie backside. Just good American fun!

Good clean fun!

So now, antifa thinks it’s a good idea to not only arm themselves with firearms, but to show the world their expertise, while at the same time openly stating their intention to use their firearms to shoot Nazis.

Let “Comrade Dragonlord” tell you himself!

HAHAHAHA! What a moron. This goofy little fart is way more likely to shoot himself in the face than to ever shoot a Nazi!

These people must be suicidal. As I have said on my shows many, many times, the first time antifa starts a gunfight is the last time we’ll ever hear from antifa. America is full of rednecks and patriots who have been raised with firearms, and who do not LARP about such things.

I could go into a long explanation of everything he said in that video that is retarded and wrong, but I’ll let this burly Texas  guy do it instead. He knows his firearms, and he’s funny. He also has a magnificent beard!

These antifa had better hope they are classified a domestic terror network and rounded up soon. If they ever get to the point that they’re ready to start a real fire fight, it’s going to be a Holocaust of Faggots!