Antifa Doxer Allegedly Doxed on Twitter, Counter-Dox Account Immediately Taken Down

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 10, 2019

“AntiFash Gordon” is an antifa account on Twitter that has the sole purpose of doxing right-wingers.

The account is very open about it. All of its posts are dox-related.

The account has been active since September of 2018, has posted every right-wing dox ever, and it has been reported by many people. And yet it has not been banned.

Meanwhile, a dox was posted for “AntiFash Gordon” – and the account that posted it was deleted within an hour.

I have no idea if this dox is correct. But it sure is something that an account that is allegedly doxing a doxer is rapidly deleted while the doxer’s account is allowed to operate with impunity.

The Huffington Post blog is also a major doxer that has been allowed to operate openly on Twitter for a long time. The SPLC is basically a dox organization, and they’ve yet to be banned from any social media – even after it was exposed that the organization is run by racist molesters.

Twitter claims that doxing is against its policy, but it is literally only enforced against right-wingers.

Again, we are confronted with the absurdity of antifa leftists believing they are some kind of revolutionary group, while they remain completely supported and protected by the entire establishment – the same establishment that is fixated on crushing a small group of political dissidents that they themselves attack.

The honk-left doxing and tranny propaganda website Huffington Post is literally owned by Verizon. How do these alleged anarchists explain to themselves how it is that the entire corporate and globalist establishment supports them?

The only possible explanation is stupidity – or purposeful, malicious support for the international corporate-globalist establishment.

I think members of the honk-left span both categories. Some of them are simply genuine retards, while others understand that they are fully-backed and supported by the ruling elite and are fine with that because they support the goals of that elite, and simply dress themselves up as “revolutionaries” as part of a marketing ploy.