Antifa Burns Pictures of Tucker Carlson Outside Fox News Headquarters

Burning photos of people is a kind of religious ritual.

I wonder why the left is acting like a religion?

Of course, we know that Antifa is totally controlled by the FBI, and is used to attack enemies that it is illegal for the police to attack.

So it makes sense that this is happening at the same time that Tucker Carlson is pushing back against the NSA spying on him.

It also wouldn’t really make any sense if you believed that actual citizens were so outraged by a news program that they became rabid dogs and started staging Islamic-style image-burning rallies outside of the news station headquarters.

That would be some truly surreal shit.

But there’s no confusion when you view this as simply a paramilitary force used against opposition.

Interesting that they said “Zionists” though.

Antifa has always been explicitly pro-Israel – much more so than Tucker Carlson, who never talks about Israel except to point out that Jews promote policies in America different than those they promote in Israel.