Anti-White Wolfenstein II Sells Few Copies Compared to Predecessor

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2017

Wolfenstein II is an anti-white video game developed and released under the auspices of Jew Robert Altman’s ZeniMax Media. It marketed itself by telling people to punch Richard Spencer, overthrow the Trump government and murder advocates of free speech, yet cowardly insisted that its intent was not political.

Apparently, there aren’t enough Jews or J-leftists to make such content profitable. The game has gotten stellar reviews (from bugman video game critics who agree with its political message) but this has not been able to save it.

As of yesterday, the heavily marketed (and presumably expensive to make) Wolfenstein II has sold only half  as many copies as its predecessor The New Order.

Push Square:

For the record, the Italian plumber’s latest did pretty well for itself, registering the largest Nintendo Switch release thus far. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news: the brilliant Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus struggled in the face of such intense competition, debuting with sales less than half of The New Order. This caps a string of poor results for Bethesda, and it’s surely going to have to consider changing its strategy now.

If you’re thinking of buying this game due to the great reviews, think again. In this objective review, the critic shows that the much celebrated “storyline” (which takes up almost half of the game) of Wolfenstein II is composed of poopy jokes, racial (anti-white) sadism, and just all around unfunny and artistically bankrupt kike trashiness.

It says a lot that a wholesome kids game like Super Mario – which is only available on one system – wrecked Wolfenstein II.

More and more young white men are boycotting Jewish propaganda because they’re waking up.

We saw this same phenomenon play out last year with Mafia III. The incredible cost of marketing the game and the many bells and whistles in it (like the licensed soundtrack) required it to sell 8 million copies to become profitable. Instead, it only sold a couple million, even after video game Judenpresse lauded it as “the best selling game ever” simply for bombarding stores with 4.5 million copies (most of which stayed to rot on shelves and in bargain bins).

Stop paying for Jewish propaganda. They can only take so many hits like Mafia III and Wolfenstein II until they go bankrupt. Let’s make it happen!