Anti-Vaxers Flood Times Square Opposing Psycho Jew Vax Agenda

Finally, we’re starting to see some protests in America.

New York Post:

Hundreds of anti-vaxxers flooded Times Square for a polarizing protest Saturday.

The event included a pole dancer, and a person who held a sign comparing the inoculation effort to the Nazi’s mass murder of Jews.

“How did the Nazi’s do it? They said the Jews were diseased,” one woman’s sign read, social media images show.

The woman held in her other hand a picture of a swastika made out of syringes with the phrase “what happened to ‘never again?’” according to the images.

American flags and less offensive signage with slogans such as “freedom over fear” and “wake up New York” were also on display in the Crossroads of the World, pictures showed.

Yeah, okay.

Let’s blame the Jew vax agenda on German Nazis.


That’s fine.


I just want the vax stopped, okay?

If we’re going to blame Germans who have been dead for almost a hundred years for something living Jews are doing right now, that’s fine with me.