Anti-Trump NYT Jew has a Breakdown, Goes on Rampage Retweeting Anti-Semites

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 20, 2016


Poor, poor Jew. No one told him that people stopped caring about his feelings months ago.

A disgusting anti-Trump Jew from the New York Times had a total breakdown yesterday and began mass-retweeting anti-Semites.

Despite the anti-Semites making very good, solid points about the destructive, diabolical nature of the Jew race, Jonathan Weisman made no attempt to refute their arguments, simply reposting with the subtext of “wow, just wow.”

These Jews, you see, are locked into a paradigm where they can just shout about how people want to gas them and turn them into lampshades, and those people will be immediately silenced. That age is passed, but they just don’t get it. They genuinely believe that if they just keep shouting that people are saying mean things to them, some outraged good goy is going to come along and shut it all down.

This hasn’t been happening for a year, but when they see that it isn’t happening, they have a “does not compute” moment, and keep doing the same thing.

The deluge came after the Jew Weisman retweeted an article from the Jew Washington Times by the Jew Richard Kagan about how Trump is a secret fascist.

This is how fascism comes to America - The Washington Post

Here’s the wall of fame – all of these and more were retweeted by the Jew Weisman.

So, to summarize, here are a few of the more important questions the Jew Weisman – and all other Jews, for that matter – need to answer:

  1. Why have Jews been kicked out of so many countries if they never did anything wrong?
  2. How is it possible that there is no link between anti-Semitism and Jewish behavior?
  3. Why do Jews use charges of anti-Semitism to silence anyone who questions their behavior?
  4. Why did Jews invent communism and use it to slaughter tens of millions of White Christians?
  5. Why did Jews loot Russia after the collapse of communism?
  6. Why do Jews protest Trump’s proposed wall while supporting the wall in racially-pure Israel?
  7. Why are Jews flooding White nations with immigrants?
  8. Why do Jews promote free sex, feminism, homosexuality, transsexualism and all other forms of degenerate perversity in White societies?
  9. Why doesn’t Israel take refugees?
  10. Why do Jews demand White Christians go fight and die in wars for them?
  11. Why do Jews give free loans to other Jews while charging non-Jews interest?
  12. How are Jews able to claim global moral authority while Israel commits the worst atrocities on the planet?
  13. Why do Jews constantly claim to be the master race destined to rule over the goyim while denying Whites the basic right to have their own countries?
  14. Why do Jews continue to refuse to provide proof that six million of them were murdered by Adolf Hitler during WWII?

All of these questions were posed to Weisman. He chose to answer none of them, and instead merely became outraged that anyone would dare ask.

But “can you believe these goyim are asking me questions??????” is no longer an argument. The spell has been broken. Instead, when a Jew screams “OMG these people hate me for NO REASON,” people are like, “yeah but there has to be a reason though – what about all these reasons they’re listing off?”

Literally, every reply from Weisman’s Jewish allies was “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT.”

No attempt to respond to anything.This is the last gasp of the anti-anti-Semitism machine. They have long passed the point of diminishing returns. People are wholly fed-up with “OMG did you see – people are saying mean things to me on the internet!!!!!11111”

And all it takes to stir-up a massive revolution against the Jews is to get regular people to ask one simple question:

Why do people hate the Jews?

The day of this question is fast upon us.

We have broken through, brothers.

The jig is up.

Here’s a bit of advice for the Jews from someone who has a pretty good understanding of mob psychology:

You need to pivot, Jews, and you need to do it quickly.

Seriously though, it’s probably already too late for a pivot.

It’s already happening.