Anti-Trump Instagram Conspiracy Exposed!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2019

Shockingly, while right-wingers are banned from even posting basic comments on the internet, anti-Trump extremists run wild, doing hoaxes.


Italian researchers have uncovered what they called a “coordinated social media operation”on Instagram intended to undermine US President Donald Trump, with many identical posts using hashtags like #ihatetrump and #ImpeachTrump.

Ghost Data, an Italian analytics firm, said the US president has been targeted by fake profiles created specifically to spread extreme and sometimes even violent anti-Trump messaging in an organized and coordinated way.

Their study identified a network of 350 anti-Trump Instagram accounts, which used graphic language to criticize the US president and found that 19 accounts led the way in promoting the content. Some of the postings could “easily” be regarded as “hate speech,” the study said.

What the team uncovered was a “small operation” that is “very likely part of something bigger,” the head of research at Ghost Data, Andrea Stroppa, told Reuters.

The left claimed that all support for Donald Trump was part of a Russian conspiracy. So everyone who supported Trump was banned from the internet.

Of course, leftists are allowed to operate freely, and run any kind of conspiracy they wish to run.

This is stupid, and right-wingers who want to regulate leftist psychological warfare are stupid.

The only solution to psychological warfare on the internet is to allow everyone to engage in it freely and tell everyone to just figure it out themselves. You cannot regulate fake news, because no one agrees on what fake news is, and most of the companies hired to stop fake news have been caught spreading objectively false information.

In our glorious democratic system, we are told that everyone is a unique and uniquely competent individual, who can make his or her own decisions uniquely.

So then, all of these competent individuals – who are allowed to vote, equally – should be assumed to be capable of navigating internet disinformation campaigns.

So just let it happen.