Anti-Semitic Leader Donald Trump Refers to New York Times as “Evil Propaganda Machine”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2019

Donald Trump might not do policy, other than releasing black crack dealers from prison and sanctioning Russia.

But his Twitter is hot as heck, let me tell you what.

I wish the Jews would come out and attack him as an anti-Semite for calling the writers and editors of the New York Times evil liars.

Because it’s true – he is absolutely promoting an anti-Semitic stereotype by calling the overwhelmingly (more or less entirely) Jewish NYT a bunch of lying demon-creatures.

I want the Jews to bare their teeth for the whole world to see, and own their Jewish media operations as Jewish in nature.

They’ve done this before, claiming that terms such as “globalist,” “European-style socialist,” “cosmopolitan” and “shape-shifting interdimensional reptilian child molesters” were anti-Semitic dog-whistles, even though it is likely no one who heard these terms other than people who are already anti-Semitic thought of the Jews when they heard these terms. Jews tacitly admit to what they are doing when they call someone an anti-Semite for complaining about their behavior.

But though there has been some talk of “Hitler also attacked the press,” the Jews have restrained themselves and not come out and said that attacks on the press are anti-Semitic. Because they really don’t want to admit to the goyim that they run the press.

Of course, to find out that Jews run the press, all you have to do is ride the by-lines. It’s not some big secret. But most normal people just aren’t even thinking about this. And worse, they think it is evil to think about it, so brainwashed are they by the Jews.

It would be Trump’s greatest accomplishment yet if he could kick-start a discussion about Jewish control of the media.

Fingers crossed.