Anti-Semitic Facebook Blocks Heroic Moslem Fighter Yair Netanyahu

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 17, 2018

So black guys are getting banned from the Oscars for making fun of faggots, and top Jews are getting banned from Facebook for attacking Moslems.

I really wish that the overlords could just release a chart that shows the current pyramid of suffering, to let people know which groups have the highest victimization status and thus have the most power in this system. Because I thought Jews and blacks were at the top, now it seems that both faggots and Moslems are above those groups.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s eldest, Yair, tweeted on Sunday that Facebook blocked his page for 24 hours over apparent anti-Muslim posts and called the leading social network a “dictatorship”.

In a message posted Thursday on his Facebook page after deadly Palestinian attacks, Yair Netanyahu had called for “all Muslims (to) leave” Israel.

“Do you know where there are no attacks? In Iceland and in Japan where coincidentally there are no Muslims,” the prime minister’s son wrote.

Yeah, he’s definitely the best Jew.

Gotta give him that.

None of the rest of the Jews would mention Iceland and Japan as Moslem-free zones.

In another post he wrote that there were only two possible solutions for peace, either “all Jews leave (Israel) or all Muslims leave”.

“I prefer the second option,” he added.

This stuff is quotable.

Packaged quotes for Europeans trying to get rid of these Islamo-apes.

His comments came after two soldiers were shot dead on Thursday at a central West Bank bus station near a settlement.

On the same day, a baby prematurely delivered after his mother was shot and wounded in a separate attack nearby on December 9 also died.

Facebook deleted Yair Netanyahu’s posts, prompting him to take to Twitter to criticise the social networking giant, calling it a “dictatorship of thought”.

Hey, there he lines up with us too.

If Yair is a legit Jewish nationalist, an Alt-Jew, if you will, then it’s definitely going to be better the sooner he takes over Israel.

He seems like the kind of Jew that made deals with Hitler to move Jews out of Europe.

No wonder he is also the target of other Jews.