Anti-Science WaPo Kikes Refer The Daily Stormer as a “Hate Site”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2016

They made the false claim in an article about Our recent troll campaign against the kike Julian Ioffe, who attacked The Leader’s wife in a vicious Jew manner, has gained quite a bit of media attention over the last 24 hours, given that this Jew is such a LOLCOW and is going through the entire media whining.

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Just a day after I released my scientific findings that The Daily Stormer is not a “hate site,” as only 20% of the readership is driven by hate, (((The Washington Post))) has come out and called us a hate site.

Does The Washington Post hate science?

Washington Post:

Hate site The Daily Stormer picked up on the backlash with a story titled, “Empress Melania Attacked by Filthy Russian Kike Julia Ioffe in GQ!”

Hate piled on top of hate:

There’s a lot more of this sickening content out there. Its proliferation just so happens to coincide with the 26th anniversary of Ioffe’s family fleeing anti-Semitism in Russia.

Why were you fleeing anti-Semitism, Julia?

Did you do something?


I mean, if you have to flee a country because people hate you, you have to ask yourself: “why do these people hate me so badly I have to flee the country?”

I’m pretty sure it isn’t necessary to have Buddha-tier introspection capacity to ask that question. I would think that as you were in the process of being run out of the country, you would be like “but why are you mad tho?”

Media figures who’ve dared to puncture the Trumps’ insistence on sycophancy have seen an ugly side of Americans. As this blog has noted, Fox News host Megyn Kelly has sustained rounds and rounds and rounds of Internet abuse after Donald Trump lashed out at her for various non-offenses. So we asked Ioffe whether she blames the Trumps for the abuse and threats she’s now receiving. “I don’t think Melania Trump sent these people to my door or asked them to do this,” said Ioffe, using “door” in a figurative sense. However, “[t]he Trumps have a record of kind of whistling their followers into action,” she says. The backlash, says Ioffe, was triggered by the Daily Stormer piece, with its reference to “Empress Melania” and a request: “Please go ahead and send her a tweet and let her know what you think of her dirty kike trickery.”

A line is being crossed here: Out of the mouths of most politicians, criticism of the media is usually a boring way of deflecting attention from their own shortcomings; it’s an easy, default talking point, poll-tested and sure to whip up a crowd. Out of the mouths of the Trump family, well, it’s still all those things, and then some: It’s dangerous.

Dangerous to who?

No one has been put in danger by trolling. There is no record of this having happened at any point in the history of the internet, unless you include people killing themselves, which obviously doesn’t count.

Claiming that free speech is a threat to the mainstream media is like, one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard in my life.

Seriously. It’s hard to even process the concept.

Obviously, the usual argument is that oppressive governments restrict the media in order to limit freedom of speech – so to reverse that argument is…

Wow. Just wow.

I mean, “we have to shut down free speech on the internet because it’s hurting the feelings of brown people and women” at least makes logical sense, if you’ve decided that protecting the feelings of brown people and women is the prime directive of society.

But “we have to shut down free speech to stop Donald Trump supporters from questioning New York Times reporters” is a really hard sell. It requires one to accept that society has a duty to keep the media from being questioned.

A poll earlier this month showed that only 6% of people trust the media, so presumably it is going to be hard to drum-up support for a campaign to shut down anyone who questions it.

Lying Snakes

Please contact the article’s author, Erik Wemple (non-Jew), and ask him to provide data for his libelous claims that The Daily Stormer is a hate site.

Also, ask him to write an article explaining the concept of shutting down free speech to protect the media. We need an elaboration on this new thesis, so as we can examine it in more detail.